Melbourne Traditionalists Episode Four: Political Journies


In this episode Mark Moncrieff from Melbourne Traditionalists interviewed me on my political journey from Liberal Party supporter to the ultra reactionary rascal I am today.

When XYZ was first founded I was a strong advocate of the Liberal Party, but as I have been red pilled on race I have come to see the Liberal Party as just as bad a traitor to the Australian people as the Labor Party. ¬†We discussed this in the context of last week’s Senate vote in which a One Nation bill to give Australians a say on immigration numbers was defeated 54-2; all Liberal Party Senators voted against it.

My research into how Islam became the dominant religion and culture in multiple countries over the course of centuries of conquest opened my mind to the concept of demographic replacement more broadly. I make the case that although Islamisation is a threat, real Australians faces a much more immediate demographic challenge from immigration from the Asian giants India and China.

I have had several discussions like this now, and each time I am asked about my political journey I am a little further along. Strangely, I did not even get on to the JQ but its time will come.

Next week we will focus on Mark Moncrieff’s political journey.