Lauren Southern on White Genocide in South Africa


Tradthot or not, Lauren Southern is using her powers for good, travelling the world detailing the attempts to extinguish the white race, and the efforts our brothers and sisters are going to in order to survive. She has recently been in South Africa producing a long-form documentary, giving us a personal face to the horrors we only read about or see on news reports.

The murder rate against white farmers in South Africa is four times the already staggeringly high national average. The government and the police do nothing to stop this, as evidenced by the fact that there are four times as many private security personnel in South Africa as there are official police and army combined. Indeed, senior black political figures in South Africa sing “Shoot the Boer” and call for the forced expropriation of white land without compensation.

For white South Africans, this has radically changed their way of life, their culture and the people themselves.

Below is a series of five short clips which Lauren Southern has produced in the lead-up to the full documentary. There are more, which YouTube will happily help you find, but these will do enough to paint a picture. You can also listen to her interview with Stefan Molyneux, and Black Pigeon Speaks has also produced an excellent video on the failed state that is South Africa.

This first video shows the raw grief of the daughter of a white farmer executed by black criminals.

This video shows a white woman who is clearly experiencing PTSD after her husband was shot in the face.

Another white South African wife discusses the possibility of leaving the country, but how that would mean losing one’s religion, culture and everything one’s people has worked for.

This video details the extraordinary lengths white South Africans go to in order to stay safe. Electrified barbed wire fences on house perimeters, steel gates in front of doors, gates in front of bedroom doors, and a gun beside the bed in case attackers get through all of these defences.

“People in South Africa don’t live the way we do.”

Life is lived indoors.

This video is truly scary, although not surprising. South Africa’s black leadership is thoroughly communist, and they talk about stealing the land of white South Africans and giving it to blacks as though it is totally reasonable.

This last video was the one which got to me the most. Not because the stories these people told were particularly worse than the others. Not because it detailed how the orphanage/homeless shelter was denied any state funding or assistance due to the fact that it contained white inhabitants. Not even that residents told stories of how they were told by black Africans “this land is not for you.”

It is because many of the white people in this video appear broken.

If you intend to destroy a people, first you have to break their spirit. Killing them in mass numbers will never work completely. You have to break them first so when the blow finally comes, they welcome it. This is how white genocide is is being conducted in South Africa, and it is the template for what will occur in Australia, New Zealand, North America and ultimately Europe, if we don’t fight for what is ours.