Germans: The World’s Most Persecuted People


Recently I had therapy sessions with some European establishment-drones. The experiences were so harrowing that I find it therapeutic to relate them to XYZ, in the vain hope that other people might find some talking points useful when they suffer the indignity of similar situations.

You cannot expect to redpill every antiwhite that you talk to, after they have been indoctrinated for a lifetime. The redpilling process often takes over 5 years but starts when dogmas are questioned usually by different people over time. Personal attacks on people’s learned beliefs often cause them to shut down which delays their ability to question the programming.

The first was a young Dutch woman who stood about 7 foot high. The Dutch are the world’s tallest people. It is likely that ancient tales of giants were references to these tribes who were possibly much taller before they settled and mixed with the shorter Europeans.

I did not have to ask her anything because it was obvious that she held all the establishment opinions. I would only ask her a question after I thought of the words to counter her establishment approved responses. This is a helpful tool that gives us the upper hand. The antiwhites on the other hand are usually not self-aware. They think they thought of all their own ideas.

When you speak to an antiwhite it is a good practice to first set the moral boundaries of the conversation. If you spend an hour explaining who is trying to replace us, inject us or castrate our children, and then you discover that the antiwhite finds genocide, forced experimental medication and castration to be legitimate acts, then you have just wasted your time. Your goal should always be to get at the moral foundations of a person’s beliefs.

Sometimes when you try to establish that any form of genocide, replacement, forced medication and castration is a bad thing and should not be done to any group, the clever antiwhite senses a trap. You alleviate their fears by saying, “like it would be immoral to go to Tibet and replace their people with Chinese or Africans then set up castration clinics to dock their children wouldn’t it be?” They will agree so you can push it harder and say, “so let’s clear this up?” “Genocide, racial replacement and castration of anybody is always wrong especially when done to children?”

I told the Dutch woman that…

White people make up just 8% of the world’s population so if you flood all White majority countries with nonwhites and assimilate us you permanently erase White children forever. There will still be a billion Africans in Africa. A billion Indians in India and 2 billion Asians in Asia. Multiculturalism only eliminates White children.

She said she doesn’t care if White children go extinct because we are all humans etc. I asked if she would mind if aboriginals went extinct?

Now, I had the most beautiful tall Aryan woman sitting in front of me with long blond hair, red lips and sky-blue eyes staring into mine as only Dutch people know how to do without blinking. It still hurts me today. She said, “I don’ t care if my race goes extinct but I honestly would care a lot more if aboriginals or a different race went extinct!”

Although I respect the Dutch for their Aryan honesty, when they are programmed to hate themselves, it can be traumatising to listen to. I tried to get her to think about where these self-destructive antiwhite ideas might have come from. I told her that at no time in human history has a race of people hated themselves so much that they didn’t care if they went extinct.

Next was a young German couple who were so deeply indoctrinated to hate themselves that I felt as though I was talking to a pair of sadists. The demoralised German tries to tell you that they hate themselves and Hitler more than you do. You have to interfere with this program before they dig a hole for themselves.

A colleague told me after, that the first thing you have to do when speaking to Germans is to tell them that they are the most persecuted, victimised people on Earth. Tell them that they are the only race that in the modern Zeitgeist you are allowed to hate, slander and wish death upon and murder in never ending documentaries and movies. When they start besmirching themselves and their people just nod your head with a caring gaze, and they will start crying. Tell them that you can help them to go free.

I noticed very quickly that they were not only establishment indoctrinated antiwhites but also rabid feminists as well.

I told them that Europeans have a responsible negative birthrate that is good for the environment and means that we will have more, cheaper houses to live in, in the future until our fertility rate stabilises. I said this is natural and normal so long as we don’t replace ourselves with the third world, we can be a leading example of ecological stewardship. They said we need immigrants for the economy. I said but isn’t the economy supposed to serve the people, not the people serve the economy?

They sounded like programmed mouthpieces for the globalist corporations, so I tried to move the conversation away from the economy.

I told them that Japan has negative fertility, but it would be very sad if Japanese were replaced by Indians and Africans. They said it couldn’t happen because when an African comes to Japan he become Japanese. This was a going to be a difficult case.

After an hour trying to explain to them that philosophically the person who is advocating for the destruction of a race is the aggressor while the person who doesn’t want his people destroyed or ‘changed’ is the defender. So, the defender has the moral high ground while the aggressor is morally bankrupt.

I tried to explain that after WW2 a program (of denazification) was put in place at all levels of education, media and the legal system to condition Germans to hate themselves so they will advocate for their own replacement and the permanent erasure of their children. They said they don’t have state television so that can’t be true.

They lectured me on ‘Diversity’ and how it is so great and makes corporations better because it brings more ideas to the table. These Marxist useful idiots seemed to really care about the economy a little too much. I said the real reasons corporations like ‘Diversity’ is because employees have more difficulty organising and unionising which forces the wages down. Corporations love cheap labour and will make up any lies to justify cheap ‘Diverse’ labour. I was feeling demoralised and started to wonder if real Nazis were as pig headed as these self-hating antiwhite Germans, so I took my gloves off.

I said, “You believe that White men walked on the Moon, right?” Like little establishment drones they agreed. I said, “Well walking on the Moon is the greatest achievement that any human on Earth has ever done in the history of the planet and it was all achieved by straight White men. We didn’t need ‘Diversity’ to build trains, planes, automobiles or spaceships to travel to the Moon.” Checkmate, now f*ck off.

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