Mallah rejected SBS show


SBS insiders have leaked documents to the XYZ which flip the whole scandal of a would-have-been-terrorist presenting his own show, on its head.

Though officially denied, it has been revealed that Mallah and SBS had been in advanced negotiations of the current affairs based show, with the pilot due for recording this Wednesday.

Issues arose when Mallah and the SBS team experienced unexpected editorial issues. An SBS insider revealed:

image“We were plannning to focus on the Same Sex Marriage issue, then move on to allegations of a rape culture at the heart of the IS doctrine, then move across to condemning the vile sexist comments of Nick Kyrgios. We thought it was a great opportunity to show how misunderstood the Islamic community has been.

“We may have miscalculated, however, as Mallah was prepared to run with a completely different agenda, which, although we respect his multiculturality and his deeply held religious views, many on our team found to be, frankly, deeply at odds with most things we believe in and hold dear.”

XYZ understands that the unexpected conflicts led to a significant damage control exercise from both parties, although The People’s ABC is alleged to be in advanced discussions with Mallah.