The evidence that John Lyons is correct looks convincing


Here are two of the most important articles on the web right now. The first is a summary by John Lyons, the Australian reporter who first broke the story, outlining his evidence that SBS was indeed “considering” airing a show starring convicted criminal Zaky Mallah. Although SBS Managing Director Michael Ebeid has been Tweet-denying it, it is clear that the word “considering” is accurate, despite one’s potential qualms with the initial headline.

And as Andrew Bolt’s headline points out, we are “funding a state media which promotes Islamism.” “Normalising the deviant and the radical Islamist. Treating the Australian nationalist as the person most in need of “educating.”

Add it to the list of state-funded media bias, and another reason to defund the ABC and SBS, both of whom are well past their use-by date.


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