Quote of the day – 15 August 2015



Our ‘Quote of the Day, 15th of August, 2015:

“Male character to female – You stole my boyfriend’s sperm, now you might be pregnant with his baby” – in a scene from the forthcoming series of the Australian TV drama House Husbands currently doing the promotional rounds on channel 9.

And one wondimageers why Australian movie and television productions are so often such crap they could not be produced without taxpayer dollars or laws about Australian content on the small screen. The lamentable ‘House Husbands’ seeks to portray the complexities of modern families in an attempt to be edgy and relevant. It could be accused of normalising dysfunctional and morals free relationships, but as the quote above demonstrates, it is guilty of the far more serious charge of normalising stupidity.
It’s your XYZ.

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