Fraser Island “renamed” to K’goonawarrabiggapoontang

Fraser Island.

Let’s make this clear from the outset. Fraser Island has not been “renamed”. The Marxist Regime ruling Queensland has decided to call Fraser Island something else. This does not mean Fraser Island is anything other than Fraser Island, ie the name our ancestors gave it:

Fraser Island has had its traditional name reinstated and will now be officially known as K’goonawarrabiggapoontang.

Notice from the outset the framing of the Lying Press, with the implication that eventually the entire country will “revert” to “traditional” names.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk formally reinstated the world’s largest sand island to the name used by its traditional owners for at least 60,000 years, in what was described as an “emotional ceremony” with the Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation.

The decision was made after consultation with traditional owners, tourism bodies, government agencies and the Fraser Coast Regional Council.

But not the Australian people. They never ask us.

“K’goonawarrabiggapoontang comes from the Butchulla people’s creation story of the island, which has been passed down orally for generations,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“I’m proud that today we can officially welcome K’goonawarrabiggapoontang home, and reinstate the name used by traditional owners for all these years.”

They’ve been slammed on social media, with thousands of Aussies refusing to go along with the name change and rightly pointing out that they still call Ayers Rock Ayers Rock.

Alongside the name announcement, more than 19 hectares of land were transferred from government hands to Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation.

The land can’t be bought, sold or mortgaged, and must be used for the benefit of its traditional owners, according to the chair of the Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation Gayle Minnicon.

Virtue signalling is never empty. It is cover for the very real theft of land from the Australian people to be given away to another people. It’s not a free country, and it hasn’t been for years. There are vast swathes of Australia which have been deemed off-limits to the White man courtesy of such virtue signalling.

The elitists who make these decisions always try to dismiss public outcry as a “backlash”, but as stated, the fact is they never consult us about it because if they did they would never be able to get away with it.

Everything that makes this country what it is is being systematically changed, replaced and destroyed, whether that be place names, Australia Day, State Flags, the National Anthem, our Constitution and the Australian people themselves.

We cannot open a jar of Vegemite in Australia without having to “pay respects to aboriginal elders past and present”, yet our own ancestors are ritually desecrated on a daily basis. Captain James Fraser is merely the latest to suffer this abuse.

Changing the name of Fraser Island is not a small, insignificant change. It is one step in a coordinated, systematic, wholesale long term plan to completely overturn Anglo Australia.

To add humiliation to insult, the government is repeatedly crying out as it strikes us. It forces through fundamental change without consultation based on the fallacious pretext that our ancestors did nasty things, barely a year after entire states were locked down and force jabbed with poison.

Now as the economy falters due to the monumental mismanagement involved in halting a significant portion of the economy and paying millions to stay home, the government is mass importing millions of people in just a few years. There simply will not be enough houses for everybody and with rents and mortgages skyrocketing, hundreds of thousands of Aussies could become homeless.

As Australians are being deliberately impoverished almost immediately after our release from home detention, we are being lectured about the need to basically give everything away to aboriginals.

This is criminal malice. We demand Covid Compensation, not Aboriginal Reparations.

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