Stan Grant Dummy Spit shows why “Voice to Parliament” is failing


After his disgusting rant against White Australia at the crowning of our new Monarch King Charles III, Stan Grant was hammered by ordinary Australians and Monarchist organisations fed up with the anti-White bias of the media, particularly from the ABC. The ABC was under so much pressure that it considered launching a formal investigation into its Coronation coverage.

Naturally, Stan played the race card, scribbling a convoluted rant complaining that all his critics were “racist”. Simultaneously, he said he wasn’t rage quitting because of “racism” when he quite clearly was, while doubling down on his anti-White hatred, and trying to gaslight everybody that it was actually “respect”:

“I don’t take time out because of racism — I won’t give racists the satisfaction. I don’t take time out because I believe the ABC was wrong to discuss the legacy of colonisation and empire on the day of the coronation. We did that, I believe, with maturity and respect.”

This tantrum drew an apology from the ABC Managing Director. Yesterday, Stan and his activist colleagues doubled down harder, with ABC staff staging a walkout against “racism” or something:

In one fell swoop the ABC revealed itself as a Marxist activist organisation, as if its headlines weren’t enough.

On Q+A last night Grant continued his wallowing self pity and received a standing ovation.

XYZ News understands that the first person to sit down was shot.

All this can be viewed in the context of cratering public support for the so-called “voice to parliament”, set for a referendum later this year. One poll indicates support has dropped from 58% to 53%, while another registered a drop from 53% to 46%.

Several factors can be attributed to this but the common denominator among them is that the referendum is forcing Aussies to think about aboriginal identity politics, which in turn is redpilling many Aussies on race.

Farmers are rightfully outraged that so-called “cultural heritage” legislation will effectively hamstring efficient food production.

This ties into concerns that the “voice” and the inevitable “treaty” to follow would undermine property rights and entangle Australia in a legal framework designed by the UN, the WEF and assorted globalist institutions, as a means of bringing about their so-called “Great Reset”, otherwise known as Holodomor 2.0.

Aboriginal crime has skyrocketed in the bush due to political interference undermining effective policing.

The collective response of many Australians has been:

“We’re giving these people an entire chamber of parliament and enshrining it in the Constitution?”

Concerns that these poor optics could diminish support for the “voice” became so great for Canberra that grog bans were hastily reinstated in many regions of the Northern Territory.

However, the primary reason for plummeting support for the “voice” is the atrocious behaviour of the political aborigines promoting it in the first place.

Like Lidia Thorpe, Stan Grant believes he can repeatedly offend, insult, humiliate and intimidate White Australians with impunity. One reason for his current histrionics is a recognition that he could himself fall prey to the very legal apparatus constructed to entrap White advocates in endless lawfare.

Aussies are fed up with the endless, relentless propaganda directed against us simply because we exist.

Whenever we fight back and refuse to just roll over and die, and make reasoned arguments based on facts and evidence against mass immigration and the marginalisation of White Australians, political aborigines who push this propaganda act as though they are victims and play the race card as their very first move.

The thing is, the campaign for the “voice” is designed exclusively on this model: Guilt trip White people into voting against our own interests.

The behaviour of people like Grant and Thorpe is so feral that it is waking normie Australians out of the media trance in which they are trapped, and forcing them to think about whether they really want what they are being lectured into voting for.

These people are behaving with a complete lack of accountability or acknowledgement of the consequences of their poor behaviour when they are given a megaphone. The prospect of how these people will behave once given real, tangible power is terrifying.

The “voice” was supposed to be a winning move for the aboriginal identity politics industry. Instead it is awakening a racial consciousness among White Australians which will only strengthen our resolve for advocate for our own interests.

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