Stan Grant Spits the Dummy and Goes Home


I can’t help but feel partly responsible:

After years of racially vilifying White Australians to a national audience courtesy of the taxpayer funded ABC, the chickens have finally come home to roost for Stan Grant.

After his appalling commentary at the Coronation of King Charles III the dam finally burst, and the criticism of Stan finally became too much. The anti-White hatred of their coverage was so overt that the ABC may be forced to run an official investigation.

Naturally, Stan rage quit with a typically self pitying article.

From the ABC:

There’s a photo of me, one of the few school photos I have. I am seven years old, the darkest face in the class in 1970s white Australia.

I look scared. I’m not smiling. My hands are clasped tight. My uniform doesn’t match. Unlike the other boys I have no tie. There’s a stain on my second-hand jumper.

I look for the world like I don’t belong.

I don’t know that I have ever changed from that boy. These past weeks I have been taken right back there.

Is he going to complain about being called “Tan Grant”? No, he’s upset because people turned his own weapon words against him:

Since the King’s coronation, I have seen people in the media lie and distort my words. They have tried to depict me as hate filled. They have accused me of maligning Australia.

He is allowed us to characterise our reasonable arguments based on evidence, fact and logic as “hate”, but we are not allowed to point out that he dresses up thinly veiled racial animus as serious commentary.

Nothing could be further from the truth. My ancestors would not allow me to be filled with hate.

You cannot go more than a minute in conversation with a political aboriginal without them referring to “my people” or “my ancestors”.

I was invited to contribute to the ABC’s coverage as part of a discussion about the legacy of the monarchy.

The far left ABC invited you on because they wanted to ruin the Coronation. You obliged.

I pointed out that the crown represents the invasion and theft of our land. In the name of the crown my people were segregated on missions and reserves. Police wearing the seal of the crown took children from their families. Under the crown our people were massacred.

Complains that we accused him of being “hate filled” and of“maligning Australia”.

Proceeds to double down on maligning Australia, pushing hate filled conspiracy theories which have been thoroughly debunked.

I got bored here, I always do reading his pieces.

Basically, this is total victory. Like Yassmin before him he has spat the dummy that Australians do not respond kindly to being relentlessly told we’re evil by a person who is manipulative, passive aggressive, and in a privileged position precisely because of the race they insist makes them a target of the people they never stop targeting.

These people can dish it out but they cannot take it. This proves that activism both irl and online works. The media always elevates obnoxious non-Whites steeped in Cultural Marxism with whom they can relentlessly bash White Australians, then cry “racism” when Aussies fight back.

But these people are human too and can only take being used as a media pawn for so long.

Our strong critiques of both Yassmin Abdel Magied and Stan Grant should provide a template for how we bring their next pawn.

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