“You are marked”: Lidia Thorpe curses White men in drunken Melbourne tyrade


This is what aboriginals really think of White people:

XYZ News understands that moments later she kissed a bikie but it was nothing serious:

Rogue Senator Lidia Thorpe has been filmed screaming profanities at a group of men outside a strip club in the early hours, telling one: ‘You’ve got a small penis’.

Footage of the extraordinary spray, which took place outside Maxine’s Gentleman’s Club in Melbourne at 3am on Sunday, shows Ms Thorpe pointing her finger at the men in a heated exchange.

Note that nobody in the Lying Press is batting an eyelid that a female, federally elected representative went to a strip club.

At one stage, Ms Thorpe walks up to one of the men and says in a menacing tone ‘you, you are marked’.

That’s a curse and she really means it. C.S. Lewis summed this up well – either she’s crazy, she’s lying, or it’s real.

One of them calls her a ‘racist dog’ to which she responds ‘f*** you’ before a friend holds her back.’


She tells the men: ‘All I want to say to the black brothers there and anyone that we’re fighting…

‘Any black man that stands with the f****** white little c*** like that – yous (sic) can all get f***** too!’ 

This level of hateful language toward White people has become completely normalised. It is normal for aboriginal people to refer to White people in this way, it is generally how they think of us, and a so-called “voice to parliament” will be stacked with people who think and act this way. Needless to say if the White men had referred to Lidia in this manner, they would already be in jail.

The outspoken independent Senator who broke away from the Greens earlier this year, was out with friends to celebrate a 50th birthday.

Again, what is a female, federally elected representative doing at a strip club? And wearing a revealing top at a 50th birthday party?

It’s not just Lidia. Our entire society is broken.

One of the men asks, ‘how the f**** does someone get in parliament like you?’

She hits back: ‘We’ve been repressed all our f***** life in this country and you let this little dog speak…’

At one point, a friend of Ms Thorpe says ‘how dare you say that to her’.

A member of the group told 7News that the senator was ‘out of control’.

Ms Thorpe told 7News Sydney that she was allegedly provoked and harassed by the men.

‘It’s sad people are utilising whatever they can to drag me down when we’re trying to discuss important issues in this country,’  she told the network.

I wasn’t there but I guarantee you this is what really happened:

Lidia was mouthing off about “my people” and harassing the White men for being White men. Unlike most White men in Melbourne they likely refused to to kowtow to her, at which point she became enraged.

I’m not just saying this because of her repeated extreme behaviour, as seen at the Sydney Sodomy Parade, a Posie Parker event in Canberra or her defence of aboriginal terrorism at the Old Parliament House.

I’m saying this because I know people like Lidia, or at least I used to.

Generally speaking, the most outspoken, vitriolic and most virtue-signally people in public are the worst human beings in private. They never stop, they’re alway on. I am saying this because I have seen it again and again and again, hence I am not surprised in the least by what I have seen from Lidia, because I witnessed it repeatedly for decades and it is one of several factors which radicalised my own approach to politics.

My experience matches that of many other men in Melbourne, which is why although this city has the worst infestation of far left terrorists in the country, it also has the largest collective of men brave enough to oppose it.

Ironically these men are demonised as evil fringe dwellers, yet when you meet them you find that although not shrinking violets, they are good, polite, hardworking men who just wanted to be left alone but realised they must stand up to the insanity.

Lidia’s foul mouthed, drunken rant caught on camera is thus a microcosm of how Australia and all White countries are being radicalised:

  • White men just want to be left alone.
  • Antiwhites harass and assault us.
  • White men stand up for themselves.
  • Antiwhites react violently while claiming they are the victims.
  • The Lying Press runs cover for the antiwhites and blames the White men.

However it’s not just the nastiness of these people which radicalises us. These people have an unnatural ability to accrue power without any corresponding sense of responsibility. They wield the word “respect” as a weapon while only being able to feign respect toward others.

Which brings us back to that curse. I was just saying on last week’s livestream that we should take seriously the fact that the people pushing the so-called “voice to parliament”, as well as so-called “welcome to country” magic rituals performed before every public and corporate event, believe in magic. Again as Lewis reasoned, either they’re crazy, they’re lying or it’s real.

A darkness is descending over Australia and over the entire West. A magic suppressed for centuries is revealing itself.

The people who believe in this magic are people like Lidia. The people pushing the “voice” and the people who will swamp its bureaucracy will be people like Lidia.

People who believe in magic. People without empathy.

Morgoth discussed this darkness recently, pointing out that we are giving more and more power to people who lack empathy, the sort of people who used human corpses as building material.

Above any political argument I can make for opposing the “voice” it is this: Do not give even more power to literal psychopaths.

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