This Is Why There Is Crime In Alice Springs


I visited Alice Springs, I saw what was going on, people (White) are leaving the town because the Aboriginals have made the place too dangerous to live. It’s a sad story, we are witnessing a South Africa happen right now in the middle of Australia. Watch my video below:

So who is to blame?

The Alice Springs police., definitely, and the judges who do not deliver long enough sentences. It’s quite simple, who is responsible for stopping crime? There’s crime everywhere in Alice Springs, so it’s the police’s fault for not locking up the bad guys. They aren’t doing their job. They are not arresting the Aboriginals who are stealing cars, burning cars, breaking into shops/homes, raping babies etc etc etc.

Why aren’t the cops arresting the Aboriginal youth who keep breaking our laws? Well the lefties have corrupted them, they don’t want to be labelled racist, they also don’t want to be accused of creating a life of crime for these Aboriginal youth. You see they think that if you throw a teenager in jail that they will learn from criminals in jail how to break the law and then will turn into lifelong criminals. Well I’m afraid to say that that ship has already sailed, these Abo youth are already criminals, they probably go into jail and teach the people in there how to break the law.

Jail or not, these wannabe gangsters will commit more crimes, it’s in their personality, it’s actually in their DNA. Our personalities come from our DNA coding. But I digress.

Some people lack morals, they lack a conscience.

If Andy steals from a shop he thinks ‘this is mean to the owner who has put in all this effort to make a shop for us’. He also thinks ‘if we all just went around stealing stuff from shops then all the shops would close and we would end up with a bad town’, so he wouldn’t steal. Other people (the Alice Springs Aboriginals) don’t have this conscience, they don’t think these thoughts, so they just go out and steal and burn that car they see parked on the street for fun.

The police are supposed to protect us and the town from these people who lack a conscience. They are lifelong criminals. Delaying sending them to jail will just make your town more dangerous.

So lefties shut up! It’s ok and right to send Aboriginal youth to jail.

They have already proved they are bad and criminals because they have already committed a major crime. To let these first time, caught criminals – and remember that, they are just first time caught, I guarantee you they’ve done tons of crimes before but just haven’t been caught – so to let these first time caught criminals go free because of their age is wrong and is ruining Alice Springs.

Again lefties are screwing up how our government operates, they are messing with the police and its operations. To save a society we must never listen to a leftist, they must never dictate how the police operate or sway a prime minister’s decisions. If anything we all should always do the opposite of what the leftist says. They are sick and I believe their pressure on the police is what is destroying Alice Springs.

You can find Andy Nolch at Telegram.