Just Like Covid: Australian Government will pay celebrities to flog “the voice”

This is what the “voice” will look like in practice.

Of course they got Adam Goodes.

Tennis legend Ash Barty, Olympic sprinter Cathy Freeman and AFL star Buddy Franklin are set to be recruited to sell the Yes vote with Qantas also preparing to join the campaign for constitutional recognition.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has revealed his plans for a team of Indigenous superstars to sell Australians on a Yes vote for a Voice to parliament.

While Cathy Freeman had long been a supporter of the Yes vote, a number of sports stars are in the Prime Minister‘s sights, including NBA star Patty Mills and footballer Jonathan Thurston.

Looks like Channel 10 are trying to do a Tan Grant on Ash Barty.

Long-time Voice supporter Adam Goodes, a former Australian of the Year, has been working behind the scenes to build support for several months.


Qantas is also expected to emblazon some planes with Yes signs to urge Australians to vote Yes when the referendum is held later this year.

So you’re saying that the Australian government, the corporate and Lying Press establishment and a whole bunch of slightly aboriginals are all invested in the same agenda, and now they’re going to pay a bunch of celebrities to flog their message to the Australian public?

It’s just like…

In August 2021 Andrew Bogut revealed that he had been offered a lot of money to flog The Narrative on Covid:

I got offered money to put out a public service announcement for you everyday plebs to stay home. It went something like this:

“Hi I’m Andrew Bogut, former NBA washed up athlete, former Olympian, whatever you want to call it, it’s your duty to stay home. Do the right thing for the community, I’ve got money in my bank account, I’m good, I’m fine, I can fill up my fridge with food, I’ve got cars, I could even, somewhat get to other parts of the world if I really wanted to. But you, stay home, do the right thing for the community, we are all [chuckling] in this together.”

In March 2022 Kyle Sandilands revealed he had been paid money to “con” the Australian public to get the notvaccine:

Radio host Kyle Sandilands has said he “conned” the public into getting vaccinated against COVID-19 through a national vaccination campaign.

In a short snippet shared on social media, the Australian shock jock slammed New South Wales Police during a recent show, saying he had “problems getting a liquor licence” because he was not deemed “a fit and proper person.”

Sandilands noted the hypocrisy of the move, noting that he was apparently “fit and proper to do the national campaign to con everyone into getting vaccinated.”

Also just like Covid, Big Social Media will censor you if you contradict The Narrative on the “voice”:

We all know how Covid worked out. Worldwide, death rates are up and birth rates are down due to the notvaccine. Meanwhile, the government and the lying press are pretending Covid never happened, and normies get very defensive when you mention that you didn’t take the poison and they claim that unlike you, they “couldn’t afford” not to get vaccinated.

Now, all the same people are pushing the so-called “voice”. This should automatically make one suspicious.

The fact is, Australia does not need an aboriginal voice to parliament. Aboriginals already have plenty of voices to parliament in the form of multiple politicians who “identify” as aboriginals across multiple levels of government across the country.

Generally speaking, the political and bureaucratic elite ignore aboriginal violence while virtue signalling on aboriginal identity politics as cover to line their own pockets. A so-called “voice” would further entrench this corruption and enrich an inner city, university educated, slightly aboriginal elite.

Moreover, practically every elected representative in the land, whether they are White, nonwhite or slightly aboriginal, nominally advocates for the interests of aboriginal people while openly marginalising White, Anglo Australians.

This is a betrayal of the entire purpose of Federation, which was to provide for common defence of and a homeland for the White subjects of the British Empire in Australia. The very first act of parliament effectively enshrined Australia as a White ethnostate. The government now intends to elevate aboriginal people above every other ethnicity which resides in Australia, whom a series of governments trafficked here in betrayal of Australia’s founding purpose.

Thus opposing this “voice” is merely a first step. From there we must reestablish our own ethnostate. We start by forming communities, having lots of White babies, and turning back to God.

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