Tash Peterson Doubles Down: Reclaims the term “holocaust” from jews


On Saturday, XYZ News reported on a protest by Vegan activist Tash Peterson who described the consumption of Easter Eggs as a “holocaust”, and how the reaction by Dvir Abramovich was likely to antagonise and redpill White people.

It just got better. Epic better.

Dvir forgot one thing. SJW’s always double down:

“I described these atrocities, not only in the dairy industry, but also the meat, egg, leather, wool, fur, down, animal entertainment, racing breeding and testing industries as a holocaust, because that’s exactly what it is. In fact it’s the largest holocaust in history, with approximately three trillion non-human people brutally murdered every year for human food consumption….

“Now if we actually take a look at the origins of the word “holocaust” and it’s definition, we realise that it’s we’ll realise that it’s not exclusive to one particular event throughout history.

“The definition of a “holocaust” is a destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire or nuclear war. Now if we look at the term holocaust and its origins, we’ll actually realise that the original meaning of the word “holocaust” was a religious animal sacrifice that is completely consumed by fire, known as a burnt offering.

“It originates from the Greek term holokauston, from holos meaning “whole” and kaustos meaning “burnt”. So it actually originates from the murder of non-human animals.

“So by definition, what is happening to non-human animals is in fact a holocaust. The term holocaust is not exclusive to a particular atrocity that has occurred throughout history. In fact multiple holocausts have occurred throughout human history.

“It is in fact highly disrespectful to non-human animals to not accept that they can be subjected to the same atrocities as humans. If you’re not vegan, you support the animal holocaust and you fund it, and you pay people to rape, enslave, torture, abuse and murder non-human people.

“To insinuate that non-human people cannot be subjected to a holocaust is highly oppressive to others of different species who are currently being subjected to the largest and longest ongoing holocaust in history.

“So my message to Dvir Abramovich is that I will never apologise for using the correct terminology to describe what non-human animals are subjected to in the meat, dairy and egg industries and other industries that abuse and murder non-human animals.

“And in fact I’m demanding that you stop profiting this holocaust, and stop paying people to rape mothers and kidnap their babies, enslave non-human animals to eat their flesh, drink their milk, eat their eggs and wear their skin and wool. It’s time to wipe the blood away from your hands by living vegan.”

She’s crazy but she’s not stupid. XYZ News will henceforth quote large chunks of this response word for word whenever the holocaust is discussed.

Tash may or may not be redpilled on the truth of the holocaust, but she understands the power of the word and refuses to accept that jews have a monopoly on suffering. In doing so she has reclaimed the term “holocaust” from the jews and destroyed their most powerful weapon.

Another old term, “golem” is appropriate in this instance. Naturally, the front page of Google won’t let us discover its true meaning, so we’ll let The Sopranos demonstrate it for us:

Essentially, jewish programming has worked too well on Tash. Holocaust guilt and diversity propaganda is designed to prevent White people from practicing in-group preference in the way that every other race on the face of the planet does. White people are not supposed to prioritise the interests of our own people, because holocaust.

Tash has taken this a step further and sees all animals on the planet, human and non-human, as equal. To her, the (fictional) slaughter of six million jews does not even come close to the current real life slaughter of trillions of non-human animals every year.

Thus jewish programming has made her immune to jewish programming. She’s also immune to the usual jewish blackmail of threatening her employment:

“Ms Peterson claims to earn about $40,000 a month posting raunchy content to OnlyFans as her activism makes it impossible to hold down a job.”

What are they going to do, demand OnlyFans deplatform her, and risk even more redpilling? The scourge of SIMPs means she can easily jump to another platform.

So, one golem created by jewish programming which made her immune from jewish programming is made immune from jewish blackmail by hundreds of other golems.

She’d better be careful. David Cole had to disappear for decades.

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