High Fives and Cocktails


Gunner has written an excellent piece examining the collective mind virus that has taken over a good proportion of the human population, whereby those possessed believe all the same lies in lock step with one another.

The people have already seen during the Plandemic, that some of their friends and neighbors accepted persecution for refusing the birdemic peck. They did not understand why we would choose to suffer instead of claiming a momentary gain.

Now that they see the peck for the death jab that it is, they are telling themselves that we WERE seeking momentary mortal gain just like they do; we simply read the signs of the times more accurately.

Brilliant. Just, brilliant. The thing about this is that it seems there is no way of getting through to these people; they will always project their motives onto you. The circle goes round and round, the snake consumes its own tail. You expend a huge amount of energy and effort attempting to wake them up only to discover that you are back where you started.

Gunner than quotes Bruce Charlton:

On the one hand, there was a decades-long strategic preparation of the masses – and especially the intellectual-managerial classes – to be ready to receive the control system.

Ah yes, the intellectual-managerial classes, also known as the dumbest and most easily manipulated group of people in existence. And they are so easily manipulated precisely because under materialism they have so much stuff to lose. Yet at the same time they essentially believe in nothing, for what else does materialism provide you as regards a belief system? Score card number two for why they can be manipulated. This is our “expert” class. These are the people who emerge barking mad from their wretched offices to proclaim the impending end of their world if we don’t immediately do what they command.

And most people do it.

The Australian working class is a belligerent lot. They do not suffer fools, and they can spot one with uncanny accuracy as the English officer class discovered in 1916. And yet most of them blindly lined up to do what the fools demanded of them because they too are infected by materialism. They can spot a fool but they cannot act on it.

When Christ began His ministry on earth He spoke to the poor, to the wretched, to the misbegotten, to those who lived hand to mouth in the red light districts of that time. He did not bother with the Pharisees and the managerial class of the day. 2000 years later and nothing has changed. It is the same Pharisees spreading the same lies on behalf of the father of lies, and it is the same depressingly large percentage of the population who blindly go along with it all because they have eyes but cannot see and they have ears but cannot hear.

But this does not even mean that the dissenters, those that see clearly, choose God. If we examine the dissenting group then the numbers who are practicing Christians are small, really minutely little. I thank God for the contact of like minded souls through a medium like the internet.

I think few additional people will escape the mind control until we Christians specifically, are persecuted for our transcendental religious beliefs specifically. That will explode the lie of materialism, of evolution, wide open. People will see us suffer mortally for immortal gain, and they will begin to ask themselves if this world really is all that there is.

It will be their last chance to remove the NPC microchips from their brains. They will be able to escape the mind control at that point, not by internal principled beliefs… that window is nearly closed at this point… but by following the faith of the martyrs, like fireflies though the dark forest, who found something worth dying for.

There is always hope with God. Always a chance, however small, that the prodigal son can choose to return. There seems to be a lot of talk lately about the end times but I don’t know anything about that. There have been plenty of other epochs throughout history that had far more credibility than we do to believe that they were in end times.

And yet, here we are. And I look out my window and I see the morning light etched in blue on the mountains with the spring flowers beginning to bud and I wonder what the point is of all our human folly. The message is clear, the teachings are there, the way was shown and the sacrifice was made. Christ was not in any way ambiguous. But He never gave up on me and here I am. Why then should I give up on others in my turn? There is faith or there is no faith. He works in ways that are less and less mysterious to me with each passing day.

I cannot even imagine being without God in this time. As such, I do not despise or look down on others for not believing. I feel sorry for them. And so, even though it makes no intellectual sense, I will keep trying to reason with them, to show my faith by my actions that to them make no sense at all. We are not out to be members of an exclusive club. God wants everyone, but He wants them all to come of their own accord. So He provides the means, and we sure have a lot of that to go around these days. What else did we expect, high fives and cocktails?

From Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.