Magda Szubanski is gross and everybody hates her


Magda Szubanski is really fat and looking at her makes you want to puke.

How about you obey the rules of diet and exercise you fat idiot.

She keeps thrusting her obese frame in our faces because she is the type of person who gets off on making people puke just by looking at her. It’s the only explanation for how someone so disgusting would keep going on television.

Now that everybody is sick of living in an open air prison, people have had enough of her nonsense and are finally telling her to get stuffed.

From nEwS.cOm:

Yesterday the Victorian government launched a new ad campaign to promote “staying home, staying safe” as the state enters its seventh week in lockdown, but it’s been met with derision by the Victorian public.

The short clips feature a number of prominent Australians, including Magda Szubanski, Shane Jacobson, Tayla Harris, Waleed Aly and Nazeem Hussain, who encourage handwashing, mask-wearing and other law-abiding behaviours.

However, the ‘Staying Safe is in Our Hands’ Campaign hasn’t impressed everyone with some accusing Premier Daniel Andrews of being tone deaf and others calling it lame and “bottom of the barrel”.

“As part of the latest in the Victorian Government’s communications campaign, some of our most loved Victorians are here to remind us all – staying safe is in our hands,” Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews put out in a statement.

“That includes small but simple things like wearing a mask, washing your hands, keeping your distance – and getting tested if you have symptoms.

“Using Victorian voices and a very Victorian sense of humour, this is the latest in our ongoing advertising and communications efforts and will be successively rolled out on social media channels in the coming days.”

The first video stars comedy [sic] actor Magda Szubanski playing the iconic role of Sharon Strzelecki from Kath and Kim.

In it, she plays netball by herself while wearing a mask.

“Obey the rules”. The awkward moment when a fat actress playing a fat netball player becomes the fat face of Victorian totalitarianism:

Some Victorians aren’t too happy about it though.

The rest of the nEwS.cOm article gives a watered down taste of the disgust everybody everywhere has levelled at this disgusting ad.

It isn’t surprising that Daniel Andrews has stooped to this level, heaping more emotional trauma on a populous already traumatised by half a year of lockdown. Two news stories from the last week indicate that a strong proportion of Australians are not buying the government line, hence the scramble to get our attention.

Firstly, Prime Minister Scott Morrison was forced to backtrack on his statement that a planned vaccine for the Chinese Diversity Flu would be “as mandatory as we can make it”. Obviously, both the government and its corporate lackies will find ways to make it impossible to survive without submission, and the media will keep attempting to protray those of us wary of forced vaccinations and critical of the lockdown in general as a crazy minority. However, the swiftness of the backdown indicates that a strong proportion of Australians oppose these totalitarian measures, and we’re pissed off to boot.

Secondly, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has cajoled Victorians to keep getting tested for the WuFlu, claiming that if not enough people get tested he won’t be able to end the lockdown. It is an obvious trap. If more people get tested, more cases get reported, the lockdown continues anyway. This demonstrates that Victorians understand this logic, and again we just don’t buy the government line. It isn’t mass unrest, but nor is it mass compliance.

Both instances indicate that we Aussies are not going to go out of our way to make it easier for the government to instal the local version of the globalist system of control which is being rolled out worldwide.

The Victorian government’s recruitment of Magda Fatski, along with the most hated man in Australia, Waleed Aly, indicates that they do not have the masses on their side, but thankfully they remain clueless as to how to turn us. Nobody I know who is a normal human being actually watches Kath & Kim, let alone likes it. The show is anti-Anglo, anti-working class propaganda created by anti-Anglo, inner city lefties who deplore the suburbs and everything they stand for.

These people hate you, they want you dead, and they will never stop demanding that you obey their rules.