Dutton discovers racism is only racist if the left says it is racist


Peter Dutton proves once again that he is a clueless liberal who will always lose because he fights the left on their own turf:

Opposition leader Peter Dutton was “disingenuous” when he said it was “racist” to suggest Indigenous people are affected by policies differently, according to the co-chair of the Indigenous voice co-design group Tom Calma.

In an interview with youth-oriented podcast The Daily Aus, released on Monday, Dutton said it was “racist” to say that Indigenous people were affected differently by policies compared with people who were not Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

“It’s actually a racist statement to say that an Indigenous person is impacted differently than a non-Indigenous person in relation to any area of public policy. Defence affects Indigenous people in exactly the same way as it does non-Indigenous people,” Dutton said.

Dutton was responding to questions about his position on the voice and concerns around potential wording in the constitution as proposed by the government.

He said he had spoken to a number of Indigenous people who had expressed doubts to him about the government’s proposal and how they might affect First Nations people.

“The prime minister says ‘the voice will only be concerned with issues relating to Indigenous Australians’. Now, I mean do you think that that includes health and education? Of course. Does it include law and order and policies around those areas in communities? Of course it does … I think there are just questions that are reasonably asked,” he told the program.

“But do I want to hear from Indigenous Australians about how we can improve the situation? Absolutely.”

Dutton said he supported a voice in the legislation, but again pushed for more detail.

Of course Dutton is going to support the voice. He’s just pretending to want more detail at the moment to make it look to conservatives like he’s putting up a fight.

“The question is whether or not the government’s proposed words in the constitution deliver the practical outcome that we want for Indigenous Australians,” he told the podcast.

Many conservatives still myopically believe that “racism” means treating people differently based on race, so not being “racist” just means treating everybody equally. They fit this definition into their worldview because they are good hearted people with empathy for others, ie it’s how they live their life anyway. If Australia just had Anglos and a few hundred thousand aborigines this may actually have worked.

However, the term “racism” was invented by jews to undermine homogenous White societies. It was never meant as a code of ethics to govern a harmonious society. It was always intended to create conflict, to subvert White countries, demoralise White people and ultimately eliminate us.

To the left, racism = race + power. When a conservative complains that they have changed the definition of “racism” and tries to turn it back on the left, they merely scoff and get their mates in the Lying Press to tell everybody that you’re “disingenuous”.

White boomer conservatives and either gay, female or non-White Young Liberals fall for this, which is why we mock them with “the left are the real racists” meme. We’re supposed to be “racist”, just like every other race on the planet. White people have been conditioned not to be “racist” but nobody else has. It’s really just in-group preference, and it is how a people survives, thrives and passes on a legacy to the next generation.

Calma told Guardian Australia that he struggled to understand why Dutton was suggesting policies did not impact different populations in adverse ways, adding that there was a long legacy of public policy failing Indigenous people.

“It is very disingenuous to say that public policy does not have an impact. Not all, but many policies have an adverse impact,” Calma said.

“I just don’t understand why he makes that statement because all the evidence to date – the parliamentary committees, the parliamentary reports – all indicate that some public policies have a detrimental impact on Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander people the way that they’re being applied.”

Marcus Stewart, a supporter of the yes campaign and a member of the referendum working group, said that Dutton, who has conceded he was wrong to oppose the Rudd government’s apology to survivors of the Stolen Generations, risked being on the “wrong side of history”.

Oh they’ve got him now. Dutton doesn’t want to be on the wrong side of history, after all, it’s the current year.

“He’s admitted that he took the wrong decision in turning his back on the apology, now he needs to decide if he wants to be on the wrong side of history again.

“We all want to get on with creating a better future together as equals, but to do that we need to reckon with our past and we need to ensure Aboriginal people have a seat at the table and our voices are heard.”

Stewart said that Indigenous people had often borne the brunt of policy which didn’t work.

“Dutton is missing the point, again. We are disproportionately impacted by many policies imposed on us by a system that doesn’t understand or respect us,” Stewart said.

While couched in faggot-speak, the leftist critique of Dutton’s argument is spot on. Of course different policies affect different ethnic groups differently.

Let’s get straight to the heart of the matter: Mass immigration and multiculturalism affect Australians and non-whites differently.

Australians’ proportion of the population diminishes year by year. Our people, our history and culture are relentlessly derided. Any attempt to reverse these policies or organise along ethnic Australian lines are repressed by the system. We are turned into a hated minority and the ultimate goal is our elimination.

Non-whites by contrast gain access to White people. They gain access to White infrastructure, institutions and wealth. They get to parasite off us and steal our birthright in the process.

It would be great to have just one elected politician in the country, let alone a political party that was openly and explicitly pro-White. Instead, the entire system is racially biased against Australians. It is so biased against us that the only points of difference between the major political parties are over the mechanics of how they can further disenfranchise White people. Moreover they use explicitly anti-White language in order to do so, with each party accusing the other of “racism”.

This is why we need not merely our own voice to parliament or treaty with other peoples, we need an entirely new government and a separate land we can call our own so we can live in peace and secure our existence.

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