Does the Australian government support political violence against its opponents?


The Australian Coalition government with support of the Labor and Greens opposition will today issue a censure motion against Fraser Anning for his brave opposition to the establishment line since the Christchurch Incident.

On March 15 a single white male is alleged to have shot and killed 50 muslims at a mosque. While the political-media establishment has openly attempted to put the blame for the incident on all white men, Senator Anning has essentially pointed out that white men have for decades remained peaceful in the face of repeated mass murders at the hands of muslims, and that this inevitable apparent retaliation is the fault of Western governments who have brought millions of muslims into Western countries.

Under questioning from Senator Anning yesterday in the Senate, Senator Simon Birmingham, the Minister representing the Prime Minister, appeared to support the political violence carried out in the #eggboy attack on Senator Anning in Melbourne on 16 March.

The first question asked by Senator Anning was as follows:

In a liberal democracy free speech is a fundamental pillar which promotes open public discourse. However, it has been reported that the Prime Minister has said that my “views have no place in Australia, let alone the Australian Parliament.”

When I was recently the victim of an attack, the Prime Minister said that I, and not my assailant, “should face the full force of the law.”

Does the Government stand by the comments of the Prime Minister?

Birmingham’s response included the weasel worded argument that free speech comes with the responsibility to promote harmony, essentially victim blaming Anning for the attack on himself. Birmingham also accused Anning of demonstrating a basic lack of humanity, and attempted to shift blame for the current powder keg environment from the government to Anning.

This answer implied support for the act of political violence against the Independent Senator for Queensland, and Anning called Birmingham on this with his first supplementary question:

If the government considers that someone striking me with an egg is acceptable but my opinions and defence of myself are not, at what point will such attacks be condemned?

In response to this supplementary question, Birmingham accused Anning of comparing the attack on himself to the murder of 50 people. This completely missed the point, and left Senator Birmingham and the entire Australian government wide open to the accusation that it supports political violence aginst its political opponents.

Anning concluded in his second supplementary question:

Based on your answer, is it not the case that it is the Government’s position that politically motivated violence is acceptable in circumstances where the cause is sufficiently worthy,

That is to say, where the ends justify the means?

We currently sit on the precipice. The alleged attack by Brenton Tarrant has lifted a lid on a factor which has held European nations around the world together. White people have been the victims of massacre after massacre at the hands of Muslims, but we have thus far refrained almost entirely from revenge attacks because we accepted that it was the government’s role to protect us and to take responisibility for resolving the security crisis. However, not only have Western governments utterly failed to protect us from these massacres, they have refused to identify the link between Islam and Islamic violence, they have refused to acknowledge who is responsible for letting these violent elements into our civilisation, they have refused to allow us to identify ourselves as Europeans and as Europeans under attack by foreigners, and they have persecuted anybody who dares to point this out.

The response by the government to the attack on Senator Anning essentially condones the action, and thus condones political violence agianst conservatives and nationalists who dare to speak out in public. The Victorian government already uses Antifa as a paramilitary wing, given it has twice fined conservative speakers for the privilege of being protected from Antifa violence. At a time when deescalation is essential, this response opens the door to anybody to attack conservative and nationalist white people.

The utter stupidity of this response cannot be overstated. Literally the only thing which holds our civilisation together is the restraint shown by white males, by ordinary conservative, nationalist white males in the face of repeated violence committed by the left and the foreigners it imports.

Literally the only thing.