Lidia Thorpe denies “dating” bikie: Admits she’s a drunken skank


Loony Lidia keeps jumping from one lie to another:

Senator Lidia Thorpe has denied she ever dated former Rebels bikie boss Dean Martin and instead alleged she was told by lawyers for the Greens to claim the pair had a relationship.

So, she’s claiming that she lied in the first place, and that she was told to lie by her lawyers. How do we know that she isn’t lying again or that the lawyers are telling her to lie again?

A Senate privileges committee report into “possible obstruction” of the law enforcement committee – of which Thorpe was once a member – has found she should have declared her links to Dean Martin. However, it found that the former Greens senator did not disclose any of the committee’s sensitive activities and that she should not be found in contempt.

The Greens strongly deny Thorpe’s claims that she was told to give an inaccurate story, but she has asked party leader Adam Bandt for an apology.

I don’t care who’s lying here, I just want it to drag on.

“I did nothing wrong,” Thorpe claimed to Guardian Australia.

But you just said you lied.

“I got ridiculed for something that I didn’t do. I was advised by lawyers to say that I was dating that person… I got advice from the Greens lawyers saying ‘you have to say that you dated’.”

So this was just a troll?

In a letter to the privileges committee, dated November 2022, Thorpe wrote: “Dean Martin and I met through Blak activism and briefly dated. Specifically, we met on 26 January 2021 at an Invasion Day rally and dated in March 2021.”

“I should have disclosed my connection to Mr Martin to the joint committee and to my party leader, Adam Bandt. I regret the mistake I made,” she wrote.

But in an interview on Tuesday, before the privileges report was tabled in the Senate, Thorpe claimed the pair had not dated and strongly denied any romantic relationship.

“I kissed him at a rally. We both had a couple of drinks. It was Invasion Day and I kissed him at a rally. I had no idea he was a bikie, or ex-bikie. No idea,” she said.

Sounds like Invasion Day is a real meat market. So is she saying they hooked up? By the sounds of it, she’s straight out of the Sarah Hanson-Young mould.

Thorpe claims Martin contacted her after the story became public, where she apologised to him.

“Dean calls me and he said ‘when did we date?’ I said ‘that’s what the lawyers told me to say … I’m so sorry but that’s what they told me to say’,” she said.

“I questioned that one word [dating] a lot, and that’s how it all came out, and I just had to cop it on the chin.

“I felt really embarrassed, and shame, that I had to almost lie. I’m not a lawyer. I don’t know why I had to say that.”


It is understood the Greens strongly deny Thorpe’s claims. A spokesperson for Bandt said: “The facts as we understand them are those that are set out in Senator Thorpe’s letter to the privileges committee.”

“The information in the letter is consistent with the information Senator Thorpe and others provided to us,” they said.

Responding in the Senate on Tuesday afternoon to the report’s findings, Thorpe repeated her claims, as well as criticising media reporting of her case and the comments of fellow senators.

“I got mauled by the media, I got mauled by all of you in here, for something I didn’t do. You all had fun. All the cartoons of me riding Harleys, all of the disgusting comments I got on my social media,” she said.

“I think I deserve an apology from the leader of the Greens. I lost my position as well, for what? For a kiss on Invasion Day with some black man at a rally, who happened to be an ex-biker. I didn’t ask for his resume.”

Notice the new lies she is telling as she is excusing the old ones. Trouble knows trouble.

She’s been cleared. It’s hilarious but none of this matters and I don’t care.

The point of all of this is that I want Loony Lidia to be front and centre of the national Lying Press for as long as possible because I want Australians to understand that this is what their future looks like.

The so-called “black sovereignty movement” which Lidia represents is on the fringes now but in a decade, every political party, media station and corporation in the country will hold it as a core principle.

We are going to move very quickly from the so-called “voice to parliament” to a so-called “treaty” with aboriginal people. At that point the old joke about giving back the aboriginals their land won’t be so funny.

Aboriginals will just be able take whatever they want for whatever reason.

It is in the interest of the establishment to slow this process down. Lidia Thorpe wants South Africa style politics now. The establishment want it when Australians are the same proportion of the population that South Africans are now. If too many Aussies are still around by the time we reach that level, too many of us may get radicalised and get funny ideas about implementing similar policies, but in our own favour.

This is the essence of accelerationism. It isn’t about tearing down, it is about speeding up the process to give us a fighting chance. We would rather the system goes into Holodomor mode when we are 30% of the population rather than 10%.

Loony Lidia is our best friend.

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