Politics, Globalists and Division


I have long been aware of the huge political advantages of division and pitting the voting public against each other. While politicians loudly declare their unanimous support for unity and inclusion, in reality, it is the complete opposite that serves to promote and forward their careers. Division results in people choosing sides, belonging to a particular clan depending on for example, race, gender or sexual orientation. It gives them a sense of belonging and having a team. It polishes their egos, that they are the ‘good’ people, on the good side, standing up for equality and human rights. And most importantly, keeps them completely distracted from real life issues and also what our corrupt politicians are really up to. Division is a tool, a weapon, and is used very effectively by those in power. But before I discuss the latest target in the crosshairs of tactical division, I’d like to look at some of the other reasons as to why it possibly works so well.

Uninformed voters

It’s a rather small number of Australians that actually do vote. The majority simply just ‘barrack’ for their political side in exactly the same way they barrack for their football team, and with exactly the same ‘one-eyed’ oblivion to reality, which suits our politicians just fine. For example, I devoutly followed Hawthorn FC from 1975 until Round 2, 2020. And in 46 seasons of football, I never once saw a free kick paid against us that I thought was fair. And that’s fine, because it’s just a game. It’s fun to be biased and blinded, and even to ‘hate’ opposing teams. And nobody is going to lose their business or life because of it.

But when we apply that mindset to politics, it becomes dangerous (for us, not the politicians), and people really do get hurt as a result.

Society has become so dumbed down, and dependent upon someone or something (Google, Siri, media, influencers etc), to tell them what they should think and what they should do, that the majority of people I speak with (and I find it much more prevalent on the Left), don’t know what they support or oppose until it becomes party policy.

In 2012, when Julia Gillard crossed the floor of parliament to oppose changing the marriage act to include same sex marriage, my left leaning relatives, friends and associates all supported her. Their unanimous call was that “marriage is between a man and woman and should stay that way”. But just a few years later when Bill Shorten brought it to the forefront of Labor policy, amazingly, they had all changed their minds.

It was also around this time that I discovered that an alarming number of people who vote, seemingly have little to no understanding of what they are voting for.

Living in Bendigo at the time, (a Labor stronghold), I often frequented a local pub for an ale in the afternoon. And often, the discussion amongst the older regulars turned political.

Now, if I am going to consider your opinion on something, I need to know that you have some understanding of what you are speaking about. So after politely listening to a person’s grievances or opinion regarding what should be done, I would ask them “can you tell me what the alternate names are for the upper and lower houses, and can you briefly describe their role within our parliament?”

I kid you not, the answer I received most regularly was something along the lines of, “Oh, I don’t know about any of that shit, I just know Labor’s the best choice”.

Now given we had just had an election, and these people were permitted to vote for both the House of Representatives and the Senate, yet with no idea of the purpose they (are supposed to) serve, is it any wonder the country is a bloody mess?

I have long advocated that every Australian should be given the right to vote, just as they are given the right to drive. But we don’t just hand them a driver’s licence. First, for the safety of everyone else, we make them pass a test to prove they know what they are doing. Should something as important as voting on our country’s future not require exactly the same? A country is basically a big business. How long would Woolworths or Myer remain profitable if they decided they were going to allow totally unqualified people to make decisions that affected the future of the company? On the flip side, how much would Australia improve if electors had to prove an understanding of our political system and basic economics before being permitted to influence a vote that affects our future? Qualified personnel at the ballot box only. Elections decided by people who actually understand what they are voting for.

Loss of generational knowledge

But back to the issue of division and the latest group to come under the fire of the socialist agenda. We are all familiar with the tactic of trying to pit White people against coloured, male against female, gay against straight, and then saying “because of your colour/gender/sexuality, you must barrack for us”. But the latest campaign, (that began a few years back and has increased with ferocity), pitting young people against old (especially the hate campaign against the Boomers), had me wondering what determination lay behind it.

But the mindset behind this one is actually quite simple. Young people believe what they are taught and what they are told. They have no life experience. And we are biologically programmed to learn, trust and believe what our parents, teachers and authority figures tell us. They have no idea they are being lied to about something like climate change, and why would they question what they are taught by the people they should be able to trust?

However, the older generation have lived through it, and have many years of life experience to call on. They can tell you that bushfires and floods are not worse than they were 50 years ago. That summers were much hotter and longer in the 1970s than they are today. That we’ve always had scarcity of snow some seasons and bumper snow during others. Older people can call out the lies from their own experience, and on so many more levels than just the climate lie. So the globalist elites need to either silence the older generation, or completely discredit them. And turning them into the ‘enemy of the young’, turning them into the reason you can’t afford to buy a house, and launching a hate campaign against them, is the most effective and least costly way of ensuring our brainwashed and indoctrinated youth will treat them with disdain and immediately reject anything they have to say or share, including everything they have personally experienced over the course of their lives.

However, this is just a necessary stopgap measure, as soon this older generation will pass naturally, (or prematurely with the help of the covid vaccine), and all that will be left are the mindless zombies, glued to their phones, and instructed what to think. And at that point, the globalists have achieved their ultimate goal.

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