AnAl to reopen floodgates to refugees


AnAl, Australia’s first openly homosexual Prime Minister, plans to restart the boatpeople invasion of Australia’s northern shores by granting visas to nearly 20,000 refugees:

Thousands of refugees across Australia who have lived “in limbo” for years will be eligible to stay in the country permanently as Labor moves to enact its pre-election commitment.

From Monday, around 19,000 refugees who arrived in Australia before Operation Sovereign Borders started in 2013 will be able to apply to transition to a permanent Resolution of Status (RoS) visa.

It is telling that although the Abbott government was able to stop the boats ten years ago, they were unable to repatriate these people – for ten years. You can blame the activist court system all you like, what this came down to was a lack of political will.

The move affects people who hold Temporary Protection Visas (TPV) and Safe Haven Enterprise Visas (SHEV) which Labor promised to abolish at the last election and have been described as cruel by human rights groups.

Those granted a new visa will have the same rights and benefits as all other permanent residents, and will be immediately eligible for social security payments, access to the NDIS and higher education assistance.

They will also be permitted to apply to become citizens once they meet the necessary citizenship requirements and will be able to sponsor family members to come to Australia.

Immigration Minister Andrew Giles made the long-awaited announcement on Sunday night, saying thousands of people who have contributed to Australia had endured a decade of uncertainty due to policies of former Coalition governments.

“TPV and SHEV holders work, pay taxes, start businesses, employ Australians and build lives in our communities — often in rural and regional areas,” he said.

“Without permanent visas, however, they’ve been unable to get a loan to buy a house, build their businesses or pursue further education.

“It makes no sense — economically or socially — to keep them in limbo.”

Magically, the AnAl government believes allowing illegal immigrants to stay will have no impact on people’s choices to risk their lives paying tens of thousands of dollars to criminals to hop in leaky boats to go to Australia:

Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil reiterated the Albanese government’s commitment to Operation Sovereign Borders and warned people against attempting to come to Australia by boat.

“Let me be crystal clear — if you try to enter Australia without a valid visa, you will be turned back or returned to your port of origin,” she said.

“There is zero-chance of settling in Australia under Operation Sovereign Borders.

“The Australian Defence Force and Australian Border Force are patrolling our waters to intercept and return any boats that try to enter.”

We don’t believe you.

You’re letting them stay. That means more people are going to try to queue jump. The logic is that simple and there is no way around it.

As usual, a fresh wave of boat people will attract a great deal of media attention. The fake conservative media will jump up and down about how the woke left government doesn’t protect our borders, and the boomers will go along with it. Rita Pahani will be idealised as our greatest defender of Western traditional values.

Regardless of how all of this pans out, so-called “legal” immigration will be ramped up to unprecedented levels and both sides of the fake left-right divide will support this. Apparently Australia has a worker shortage. Sky News loves this stuff.

There is no skills shortage, companies in Australia simply do not want to pay Australians a decent wage. It is cheaper for them to convince the government to import millions of foreigners so they can pay them slave wages. Foreigners will always come, because no matter how bad it gets here it will always be worse than it is in their homelands.

20,000 foreigners in limbo for ten years in Australia is a mere externality to crony capitalists. It suits the far left too because it allows them to pretend to stand up for oppressed people, while ignoring the plight of Australia’s indigenous White working class.

Essentially, the fake left and fake right run a modern day slavery racket, encouraging brown people to flood the West to work for peanuts and replace White people.

If only there was a political ideology which truly represented the native White people of Australia and encouraged all classes of society to cooperate.

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