The FBI know that TLM Catholics are the Real Deal


I have received a number of emails and messages from readers asking my opinion on the reported FBI memo which instructs the FBI to keep worshipers of the Traditional Latin Mass under surveillance due to them being suspected “white supremacists” among other thought crimes.  Reader Okrahead left the following comment on yesterday’s post:

Adam, I suppose by now you have seen that our vaunted FBI has decided to look into Catholics practicing the Latin mass. I believe the time for choosing is even closer than you suppose. My initial reaction is to wonder whether the FBI might even have received approval from the current pope for this action. I wouldn’t put it past either party. It also should be a wake up call for Protestants, Orthodox, etc. that the U.S. government has anyone who is serious about fidelity to Christ squarely in the cross hairs.

It is a wake up call, but for whom exactly?

Is it a wake up call for Protestants? Is it a wake up call for Orthodox Christians?

I don’t think so.

It’s not even a wake up call for Catholics in general. It is specifically a wake up call for Catholics who practice the real Catholic faith. And why?

Because our enemies, who are the usual suspects, know without a shadow of an inkling of a doubt, that Catholics who follow the Traditional Latin Mass in its proper form are the real deal. It’s a pity that the majority of Catholics themselves do not grasp this salient truth. Your enemies understand the spiritual battle better than you do. The shame of it.

The FBI are not targeting Buddhists. Nor are they targeting follows of the Shinto religion. Nor Hindus, nor Muslims for that matter, (they pretend to keep those guys under surveillance). Church of Scientology gets a free pass, as does every other crackpot sect out there. The 40,000 odd iterations of the protestant heresy are free to do as they want. Orthodox Christians aren’t under the microscope.

And nor are Catholics who have bought into the bullshit of Vatican II.

No, the only ones who they are afraid of are TLM Catholics. This document makes that very clear, it gives us the legitimacy of the modern world, in that the modern world wants us dead. This is a powerful document, if you understand how to read it correctly. What it should do is to propel legions of rank and file Catholics into our own ranks. And for all you useless protestants; now do you get it? They don’t give a toss about you because your souls are already toast. Done and dusted.

But that’s on you to wake up and smell the sulpher. God wants those who can think for themselves, who can work it out with the information provided to them. All information is valuable, you just need to know how to interpret it. This FBI memo is one of the most valuable aids to come our way since I don’t know when. See it for what it is – their fear of us. Their fear of those who hold to the truth and who understand the spiritual battle.

Thank you FBI. You have done us a great service.

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