Feral Anti-White Journalists, Government and University agents, call for the kidnapping of White Australian children


From the above image, clockwise from left:

  • David Estcourt, Age Journalist
  • Ashleigh McMillan, Co-writer
  • Peta Lowe, Government “expert” employee
  • Mario Peucker, Victoria University “expert”

The above individuals contributed to an article in The Age last week doxing a well loved and valued member of our White Australian community, his business and athletes:

Peta Lowe, a juvenile extremism expert, said children’s exposure to violent extremist views, materials and ideology should be considered a “risk of harm” under child protection legislation akin to neglect, psychological and physical abuse.

“We have a responsibility to protect children from violent extremism in all forms. It is a risk of harm to the safety and wellbeing of children, and of our society. Children are victims in these situations, even when they may actually perpetrate violent extremist acts,” she said.

The strategy of the evil Anti-White system to harass families, businesses and individuals, in order to financially and socially asphyxiate them, is all too familiar for our community.

Our community is insulated and emboldened against the State’s continuing tyranny to attempt to destroy our livelihoods and reputations.

Despite suffering raids, theft of over $50,000 worth of property, false imprisonments for owning books, sparklers, and for acts of self defence, we remain true on our peaceful course.

However last week represents ‘an escalation in violent rhetoric’ from the evil tyranny that is enslaving White Australians.

The above individuals called for the kidnapping of White Australian children on the basis that their parents have brought them up to be proud of who they are, instead of allowing them to be groomed into ‘transgendered aboriginal rights activist’ by the State.

These journalists and so called ‘experts’ did not write articles about the nigger rapist who sexually assaulted 6 women, stabbed someone and robbed a house who was released 45 minutes prior to my case after only serving 6 months in prison, by the same magistrate who found me guilty.

These journalists and so-called experts did not write articles about the ‘drag queen sex performance‘ in front of babies, toddlers and young children in Moonee Ponds earlier this year, calling for the government to remove them from their groomer paedophile parents.

However, they have called for armed terror police to invade our homes and kidnap our children. They have pushed their disgusting agenda to the very fine line in the sand, between peaceful civil disobedience and war.

Our children belong to us, not the globalist homosexual tyranny that rules over this country for the time being.

We have only ever asked to be left alone, we do not wish to partake in your sick and twisted globohomo experiment.

As a community we have all agreed that taking any of our children from us is crossing a line in the sand that will have irreversible consequences.

We do not expect an apology or retraction of your evil sentiments, for we know its lack of sincerity; but do not escalate your evil rhetoric to physical violence against our families, and desist immediately from further escalations of your violent Anti-White and Anti-Family rhetoric.

Know that when this evil system is no longer the ruling power, when Honourable White Men rule over this land once more, we will have Justice.

Hail Victory White Man.

You can find Thomas Sewell on Telegram.