Why are cow farts so greenhousy?


Nitrogen. It makes up approximately 78% of our atmosphere. Oxygen it makes up almost 21% of the atmosphere. Argon it makes up just under 1% of the atmosphere. Then Carbon Dioxide 0.04%. Methane is 0.00019% and Nitrous Oxide at 0.000033%

The fake science of the Greenhouse Effect and “climate change” claims that Dutch farmers must be forced to sell their farms to the Dutch Government because of global “nitrogen pollution”. You see Nitrous oxide (commonly known as laughing gas) is supposedly 300 times more Greenhousey than Carbon Dioxide, which would make it the Greenhousey equivalent of 0.0099% of the atmosphere. So if the Dutch Government didn’t forcefully buy back the land that has been in the hands of farmers’ families for hundreds of years and use that land to build more houses for the 100,000 non white “refugees” that are flooding the country every year, then the ice caps will all melt and all of the land in the Netherlands that is below sea level will be even further below sea level and getting the immigrants to stick their finger in dykes is racist and sexist and homophobic and an attack on the transgender community and definitely part of white male rape culture!

Meanwhile in Australia and New Zealand Methane is the problem. Instead of growing vegetables killing the planet (Nitrous Oxide “emissions” a result of using fertiliser) cows eating grass is what is destined to ensure that our dams will never be full again and even the rain that falls will just vaporise and make the world even more Greenhousey. Methane is 6 times more abundant in the atmosphere than Nitrous Oxide and 86 times more Greenhousey than Carbon Dioxide so that would make it the equivalent of 0.016% of the atmosphere. But that was before common core mathematics was introduced into schools, so the real number is 10 times more and so according to the drag queen primary school gender studies teacher that’s 1000% of the atmosphere and a million percent of the ocean too! So legislation to tackle climate change and save the planet will tax farmers for cow burps and the Count from Sesame Street will be employed to count just how many burps each cow makes.

Ah ah aaaah!

Farmers will also need to pay to vaccinate their cattle against the mad cow variant of CoVid with MRNA Pfizers. This will lower the temperature of the planet by at least ten thousand degrees by encouraging more people to eat bugs after half the cows die.

I had some hope for the Dutch farmer protests, as rather than just turn up in their millions to be shot at by their police force with rubber bullets whilst listening to Ricardo Bosi do a Q-Tard impersonation, the Dutch farmers were having their 16 year old children fired on with live ammunition for blocking freeways and spraying manure on Government buildings. Sadly Dutch politicians are still more scared of Klaus Evil feeding them to mutated sea bass (he’s still waiting on the sharks with frikken lazer beams) than they are of the public, so it looks like torches and pitchforks is the only thing that is going to change anything.

Over on Saturn’s moon of Titan the temperature at the surface is -179C. Methane makes up 5% of its atmosphere and Karen at my work if she ever bothered to “fact check” me would likely tell me that scientists say that this is due to a “reverse Greenhouse Effect”. Catastrophic colding is just as dangerous as catastrophic warming in clown world. Mars has an average surface temperature of -60C despite having an atmosphere of 97% Carbon Dioxide. This, however is not due to a reverse Greenhouse Effect but due to its thin atmosphere. According to Al Gore in his book accompaniment to his Rockumentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ humans are “dangerously thickening the atmosphere” on Earth.

However Venus which also has a 97% Carbon Dioxide atmosphere has a surface temperature of 460C, but this has nothing to do with its atmosphere being 92 times “thicker” than earth’s and is due to a “runaway greenhouse effect”. This is because Venus came from a broken home and was a victim of the stolen generation.

If White privilege could only be acknowledged then Venus’ tendency to run away might be combatted and she could win as many tennis matches as her sister, planet Serena the teenage witch.

Now it was my intention before I started writing this article, to tell you that there is no such thing as a radiative Greenhouse Effect and that it is the distance from the sun combined with the atmospheric pressure (which is a function of gravity acting on the mass of gas) that determines the atmospheric temperatures of planets. But I was afraid that this would fail the acne pocked teenage fact checkers doing work experience at Snopes and be banned on Farcebook, Twatter and JewTube. So I wrote “my truth” according to the diary of Penny Wong instead. It was written in ball point pen in 1943.

You can find Stephen Wells at Telegram and purchase his books here.