Nukes are a Weapon of White Genocide


Conventional analysis of World War 2 recognises that the conflict started several years before its official opening. In the 1930’s the Japanese were already annexing Korea and regions of China while the Germans, Italians and Soviets played a warm-up match in Spain.

Forget “special operation” or “democracy war for Ukrainian sovereignty” or whatever. The War in Ukraine is a proxy war between the Globohomo Western Empire and the Russian Empire. George Orwell’s formulation of the world is instructive. Oceana wants its border with Eurasia as far to the east as possible, Eurasia would prefer it a lot further to the West.

Until about a week ago the the West armed and funded the Ukraine and sanctioned Russia, with both sides jostling globally to determine alliances.

In the last fortnight as Ukrainian forces advanced along the centre of the front, Russia mobilised 300,000 troops, and America bombed the Nord Stream pipelines and a bridge linking the Crimea with the Russian mainland.

Russia has responded, launching airstrikes at command and control headquarters in Kiev and critical infrastructure throughout Ukraine.

Belarus is also taking more concrete steps to enter the war on Russia’s side.

It’s escalating.

World War I
World War II
World War III

World War 3 has started. It is only a matter of time before other European nations enter the conflict, drawing NATO and America into direct conflict with Russia. Our problem is that World War 3 is likely to start the way World War 2 ended.

Approved analysts would watch this video and note that much of North America, Europe and Russia would be devastated in such an exchange. They would comment that fortunately, much of the world’s industrial capacity had already moved to South East Asia, so despite the horrific loss of life, human civilisation would not necessarily descend (immediately) into a dark age. There would be much hand wringing over the plight of democracy, as the Middle Kingdom would once again be the centre of the world.

None of them will ever acknowledge the most obvious, the most bleeding obvious point that stares one directly in the face when you look at a map of the most likely destruction in the aftermath of a nuclear exchange between Russia and the West.

It’s where all the White people are.

One small silver lining regarding the nuking of Western civilisation’s Sodoms and Gomorrahs would be that the heart of Globohomo would be vaporised. Homosexual identity politics and anti-White politics emanates from the cities which have been overrun by the extreme left. It would also wipe out most of the foreign invaders imported into the West.

Electoral map of the 2016 US Presidential Election by county.

However, the White proportion of the world’s population would drop from 8% to less than 1%, and our homelands would be slug heaps. China may invade, or it may just leave the survivors to duke it out.

Much conjecture concerns when China will open the second front in Taiwan. Yet all China has to do is wait for Russia and Globohomo to nuke their own citizens and China can roll into Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. The Australian government, should it avoid a nuclear strike due to its utter irrelevance, will most likely surrender to China the moment their ships launch.

With no America to defend us, and with “Australia” no longer defined as the territory belonging to Australians but merely an economic zone housing people from everywhere, shifting allegiance to China out of necessity would matter little to Australia’s political class.

While the effects of so-called “nuclear winter” are over-exaggerated, our role in the exponential population explosion of the third world is underestimated. White civilisation kept young children alive. African breeding habits did not change accordingly, thus their numbers increased.  Nuclear war would devastate the White population, starvation and disease would do the same to the black population, thus Chinese and Indians would consist of 80-90 per cent of the world’s population within a matter of decades.

I have a vivid memory of the 1980’s so I am old enough to remember the genuine fear of nuclear war, and the genuine relief we felt when the Cold War ended. An old university professor of mine when asked about it said simply “we didn’t think we were going to grow up.” He was a reprobate, and I think this attitude sums up the collective mindset of much of the boomer generation.

Excellent analysis has focused on the role of Cultural Marxism in degenerating European post-war culture and morale, but we often forget this simple fact. Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die corresponds to sex drugs and rock ’n’ roll, and import the third world to pay for it.

What’s remarkable now is that despite nuclear rhetoric from both sides which would have caused pandemonium during the Cold War, there has been no corresponding panic to the unprecedented brinksmanship we have seen since the Ukraine Proxy War started.

Where are the mass protests, people joining hands across continents demanding that our governments step back and please think of the children.

There’s been nothing. Although it is refreshing to see widespread protests against continuing Covid Tyranny and the supply shortages and energy crises it has triggered, the few anti-war protests have been easily quelled. Instead, the woke crowd and Twitterbots are virtue signalling us into nuclear armageddon.

We have been conditioned to scoff at the purported patriotic naivety of the crowds who cheers the onset of World War 1, but we are living through exactly the same process now. Instead of fighting for God, King and Country, our rulers push the message that we must liberate the Ukraine so its women can be stunning and brave internet whores, its children can cut their dicks of and they can have good food with more spices from all the diversity they import to boost their economy.

Globohomo is walking White people into an abyss.

This is why it is so important to fundamentally rethink the way we view our history. The enemy worked for centuries to cement its power to the point where it can openly rub it in our faces.

We are taught to view White history as a litany of abuse against the rest of the world, yet the fact remains that the bankers have engineered a series of wars to systematically whittle down the White population.

The American Civil War was not a war to free the slaves, it pitted the White population of America against itself resulting in 620,000 deaths. World War 1 did not demonstrate the futility of nationalism, imperialism or alliance structures, it massacred 16 million White people. World War 2 was not a victory of democracy over racism, it was the unmitigated slaughter of around 50 million White people for no reason whatsoever.

The Cold War was not a victory of democracy over Communism, it was a four decade long psychological war against White people designed to demoralise us to the point where we would accept our own replacement because we now think Western “values” means freedom and equality rather than the transmission of our blood and thousands of years of inherited wisdom from one generation to the next.

The Ukraine Proxy War is not a war between Liberal Democracy against anti-democratic populism, or even Globohomo vs a competing power structure. They simply have us lined up for White genocide via mutually assured destruction, and nobody is organising collectively against it. It is thoughtcrime to look at a map of the world and conclude that if nuclear war kicks off today, most of the White people of the world will be wiped off it.

The children of the survivors will never understand how we let it happen.

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