Lying Press admits Imran Khan was ousted in US-backed coup

Tom Cruise in blackface.

Here’s an intriguing exercise in reading between the lines. In April Imran Khan was ousted as Pakistan’s Prime Minister by a vote of no-confidence. Despite the veneer of parliamentary process, the Lying Press article quoted at the time by XYZ News hinted at the real instigator:

The announcement of the vote’s result on Sunday came after multiple adjournments in the lower house caused by members of Khan’s party, who said there was a foreign conspiracy to oust the cricket star-turned-politician.

Khan, 69, surged to power in 2018 with the military’s support but recently lost his parliamentary majority when allies quit his coalition government.

There were also signs he had lost the support of the military, analysts said.

Why does the support of the military matter in a parliamentary democracy? If it does matter, what would cause the Prime Minister to lose the support of the military?

In an impassioned speech on Friday, Mr Khan doubled down on his accusations that his opponents colluded with the United States to unseat him over his foreign policy choices, which often seemed to favour China and Russia and defied the US.

Mr Khan said Washington opposed his February 24 meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin hours after tanks rolled into Ukraine, launching a devastating war in the heart of Europe.

The US State Department has denied any involvement in Pakistan’s internal politics.

Deputy State Department spokeswoman Jalina Porter told reporters on Friday there was “absolutely no truth to these allegations.”


Khan lost the support of them military after he refused to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The military opposes Russia’s invasion of Ukraine because US agents had a quiet word with the right people. No coup. They had nothing to do with it 😉

Today, just when they thought everybody had forgotten about it, one Lying Press outlet figured it was safe to bury the following paragraphs well into a long piece about Imran Khan which focused heavily on his cricket days, his marriage to Gemima and his old playboy image:

The situation came to a head during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which Mr Khan has refused to condemn despite Pakistan’s military general saying it “must be stopped immediately”.

On the day Russian President Vladimir Putin’s troops crossed the border, Mr Khan was in Moscow and infamously said: “What a time I have come, so much excitement.”

The tension between the prime minister and the military might have given Mr Khan’s opponents an opportunity to pounce, according to Omar Qureshi, former media adviser to one of the leaders of Mr Khan’s rival parties, Billawal Bhutto.

“It’s come up that he wasn’t on the same page with the most important centre of power in the country, the military, so that gave a signal to the opposition,” he says.

Far from “signs he had lost the support of the military”, it is now admitted that the military is “the most important centre of power in the country” and the key reason he lost the military’s support is because he failed to condemn the War in the Ukraine.

It is here that we are supposed to just believe that the entire world supports America in its proxy war against Russia and is happy to support it to the very last Ukrainian. If you believe that, I have a delicious plate of bugmeat to sell you. As stated, the US knew just who to lean on. Nothing to see here. They don’t do coups.

The fact is, most of the world hates America because America now means this:


And this:

Modernity, courtesy of Dr. John Money.

As if the West’s standing wasn’t low enough throughout the world already, state mandated homosexuality is the final nail in American imperialism. As for Imran Khan, he has the support of the masses:

While he may have lost the support of the country’s military generals, the former leader still has thousands of loyal supporters.

Many have held protest marches demanding fresh elections in June, claiming Mr Khan has been unfairly kicked out. Authorities have used tear gas and batons against people participating in his marches.

“We will see if they allow us to go towards elections through legal and constitutional means, otherwise this country will go towards civil war,” Mr Khan was quoted in a Pakistan paper on June 2.

In Lying Press speak, “thousands” generally means millions. Obviously, the internal politics of Pakistan is a tad more complicated than my own glib assessment. The takeaway for us Westerners is that ordinary Pakistanis aren’t interested in a war to liberate Ukrainian women so they can become lesbians who work in HR departments.

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