PM AnAl considering request to make Australia a nuclear target


No more brother wars:

Australia is considering a request from the Ukrainian president to provide military training support to the war-torn nation. 

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese spoke with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy last night, during which the Ukrainian leader asked for more assistance.

Mr Albanese, speaking on Wednesday, said his government would consider the request in the coming days but insisted Australian troops would not be entering Ukraine.

“The suggestion is whether Australians could provide support for training outside of Ukraine in Europe, and we’ll give consideration to that as we’ll give consideration to the other requests,” he told the ABC.

A fresh barrage of Russian missiles rained down on Ukrainian cities on Tuesday while NATO declared it would go ahead with its annual routine nuclear deterrent exercises.

A day earlier, at least 19 people were killed in widespread strikes on Ukraine, attacks the United Nations has described as “particularly shocking” and potentially war crimes.

Australia is the biggest non-NATO contributor to Ukraine’s war effort.

The Ukrainians are burning through our bushmasters:

Bizarrely, our replacements for the bushmasters are too heavy for our current transport fleet:

Anyway, even if we avoid putting boots on the ground by training Ukrainians in a different country, as the article states, “Australia is the biggest non-NATO contributor to Ukraine’s war effort.”

So much for staying out of the way.

Intriguingly, Cory Bernardi recently his followers their opinion on providing Australian troop assistance to the Ukraine. The response was overwhelmingly in the negtive:

My argument that nuclear war would on the whole be disastrous for White people stands. However on the upside, Australia is so sparsely populated that nuclear strikes on pozzed Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney may not affect the rest of the country quite so badly.

Getting nuked could be the best thing that ever happened to Australia.

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