“Piss off back to Pakistan”: Based Pauline BLASTS Mehreen Faruqi

I was right you stupid buggers…

I guarantee you Pauline still reads XYZ News:

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has responded to a tweet by Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, telling the Greens deputy leader to “p*** off back to Pakistan” for comments regarding the late monarch.

On Friday, the Greens senator said she offered her condolences to the late Queen, but couldn’t “mourn the leader of a racist empire built on stolen lives, land and wealth of colonised peoples”.

“We are reminded of the urgency of Treaty with First Nations, justice & reparations for British colonies & becoming a republic,” senator Faruqi wrote on Twitter.

That led to a reply from senator Hanson, who told Pakistan-born senator Faruqi to leave Australia.

“When you immigrated to Australia you took every advantage of this country. You took citizenship, bought multiple homes, and a job in a parliament. It’s clear you’re not happy, so pack your bags,” she wrote on Twitter.


We are told that diversity enriches us because it exposes us to a wider range of ideas.

In reality, the combination of mass immigration and Liberalism merely leads to non-Whites parroting the talking points they have been trained to say by jews in order to get more free gibs:

Non-Whites bring the chaos, while the anti-White Whites signal the next stage of the permanent revolution:

With the Labor government in power in Australia, the Culture War has shifted from first gear up to fourth, with the Australian flag, Australia Day and the Australian Constitution coming under sustained pressure. The death of Queen Elizabeth II has opened another front, the renewed push for a republic.

It is important to contrast this with the differing views published by XYZ News in recent days. Yours truly encored the argument that Queen Elizabeth should have personally led the British Army to storm Westminster to save her people. Mark Moncrieff argues that she did not have the power to halt the calamity which has befallen the Anglosphere and that the onus is on us to achieve victory. Ryan Fletcher engaged in some brilliant, esoteric shitposting about reptilians and adrenochrome. The debate has continued in the comments section.

Vitally, this debate is over the Queen’s culpability for The Great Replacement. We all begin at the first principle of wanting what’s best for our people. This is a world away from the diatribes unleashed by anti-White non-Whites and Whites. For them, the Queen and the Monarchy are merely a proxy with which to demonise all White people.

When they complain about colonialism and demand reparations and a republic, what they really mean is that they hate us and they want us all dead.

For us, the question is whether Queen Elizabeth II was a faithful custodian or a failure. The Monarchy itself should be revitalised, as should the Church. Monarchy is ordained by God, and much of the West’s demise can be attributed to the demise of this holy institution.

The idea of a “Constitutional Monarchy” is unnecessary – we do not need so-called democracy and universal suffrage in order influence our Monarch. The King is not above the Law, and historically the Clergy and the People have ways of ensuring that the King remains true to his mandate.

If I am to say anything in defence of Queen Elizabeth II it stems from this last point. She was rendered powerless by the democratic system. Democracy is a sham, utilised by elites and jewish bankers to control all the affairs that matter under the pretext of representing the people. It is democracy which has bankrupted us and which is replacing us.

Ultimately, democracy has to go, to be replaced by a Monarchy obedient to God.

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