I was going to write a satire about lowering the aboriginal flag for the Queen but reality beat me to it


On Friday when I heard that Queen Elizabeth II had died, I figured that because the NSW and Victorian governments had replaced the state flags with the aboriginal flag on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Westgate Bridge, they would probably lower them to show respect for the Queen.

It makes sense. Even Prime Minister Anal has made it clear that the so-called flags of aboriginals and Torres Straight islanders are as important as our real flag now.

Thus if they are as important as our real flag, they should perform the same functions and be lowered for ceremonial occasions. If your flag gets lowered at the death of an important person, it means that flag has arrived in the world. It’s important.

However I figured, this wouldn’t be enough for them. SJW’s hate the Queen because she represents White people, therefore they would likely get upset about the fake flag being lowered for her.

Then I had a dozen things to do because unlike loser leftie activists, I have a life, so I forgot about it. The thing is, the reason I thought that complaining about the aboriginal flag being lowered for the Queen is something that an SJW would do, is because it is precisely the sort of thing an SJW would do:

So the whole “I knew you were going to say that” thing can never really be proven. Moreover it is used as a political weapon by the left. For example, before an election they will predict that their political opponents are going to claim that they rigged the election. Then they rig the election and Bob’s your uncle.

The point is, these people are never satisfied. This is How To Deal With SJW’s 101 sort of stuff. Never give them an inch because they never stop and they will always push for more. They want us dead, they want to rape our kids and they think it’s funny. The only way we will be rid of the scourge of SJW’s is if we rid ourselves of the scourge of SJW’s.

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