Another important day for White people, another flag burning


It doesn’t matter if you loved the Queen or hated her, whether you think she should have done more to oppose the racial replacement of her subjects or if you believe she was powerless. It doesn’t matter if you are a Monarchist, a republican or a don’t-fix-what-ain’t-brokist.

What matters is that for anti-White activists, the Queen, the Royal Family and the Australian flag represent White people. They hate these figures, institutions and symbols because they represent White people – us – whom they hate.

When they say they are against “racism” what they mean is that they are against White people. When they say they oppose colonialism or imperialism, they mean they oppose White people. When they say they want to abolish the Monarchy and Australia Day, they mean they want to abolish White people.

Thus when they burn the Australian flag, the message is that they want to burn White people:

Crowds have gathered across the country for ‘abolish the monarchy’ protests on the national day of mourning for Queen Elizabeth II.

Many of the rallies were coordinated by Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance, which said in a statement it stood “against racist colonial imperialism and its ongoing effects on us as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples”.

“While they mourn the Queen, we mourn everything her regime stole from us: our children, our land, our loved one’s lives, our sacred sites, our histories,” the organisation said.

Can you imagine what would happen if a bunch of White guys got together and called themselves “Warriors of the Aryan Resistance”? They’d be outlawed overnight. Calling themselves “warriors” and creating an organisation whose acronym was “WAR” would be all it took to be branded a terrorist organisation.

Of course, it’s okay when aborigines do it.

Thousands of people gathered at Birrarung Marr in Melbourne, on Wurundjeri land, before moving through the CBD in protest against the day of mourning.

When the Lying Press says “thousands” of people attended an astroturfed protest designed to create the impression that grassroots support exists for tearing down the last vestiges of of our British heritage, you know they mean “several hundred”.

Community members spread white ochre on the faces of attendees as a sign of mourning, not for the Queen, but for community members who had recently passed, and for the suffering endured by First Nations peoples across the country.

The political aborigines were out in force.

XYZ News has obtained exclusive footage of a dance performed by aboriginal activists in Melbourne yesterday:

Organiser Tarneen Onus Williams said it was important for Indigenous people to come together to “reflect on the genocide and dispossession and colonialism that the Queen represented”.

The Gunditjmara, Yorta Yorta, Bindal, and Torres Strait Islander activist called for the abolition of the monarchy, and for land to be returned to First Nations people.

Tarneen is infamous for calling for Australia to be burned to the ground. She’s still fat.

After leaving the river, the crowd staged a sit-in at the busy intersection of Swanston and Flinders Streets, outside Flinders Street Station.

Some protesters removed the Union Jack part of the Australian flag and doused it in fake blood.

Remember, they hate you and want you dead.

Victoria Police officers became involved in calming small skirmishes on Collins Street as the crowds moved.

Never relax.

Australia’s attention seeker in chief Lidia Thorpe put fake blood on her hands.

In Brisbane there was a flag burning.

XYZ News understands that before the flag burning, the protesters posted on an encrypted chat “screw your optics, we’re going in”.

The anti-White rhetoric is being pushed to 11 at the moment. Unsurprisingly, support for a republic has dropped:

Australians’ support for a republic has dropped in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II’s death, with only 46 percent currently supporting a break away from the monarchy, a new poll has revealed.

The Resolve Political Monitor poll, conducted for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age by research company Resolve Strategic, surveyed 1607 eligible voters from Wednesday to Sunday.

Media coverage was saturated at the time with the news of the Queen’s death and plans for her funeral.

That’s a cope. The reason support for a Republic is dropping in Australia is because White Aussies see what’s coming.

As anti-Whites become more openly genocidal, Real Australians are recognising that old school British institutions are one of our last defences against the black hordes.

It’s a win-win for us. If we can push back politically against these maniacs, there is a chance we can retake our country. After all, their protest was puny.

It was dwarfed by the massive protests which swamped Australian cities for months during and after the Covid lockdowns. Hundreds of thousands of White Australians showed what we can do when we work together. It was essentially an implicit White Australia movement, which is why it was demonised so heavily.

If however the anti-Whites succeed in their latest onslaught in the Culture War, more White Australians will radicalise and an explicitly White Australia movement will become a juggernaut.

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