Quote of the Day: F— Australia, I hope it burns to the ground

You’re not allowed to have a country, because holocaust. What are the odds this mob support BDS…

An anti-Australian rally yesterday in, you guessed it, Melbourne, has attracted about 10,000 protesters. From the Australian:

“The organisers of the largest Aboriginal rally staged since the 1970s land rights movement have dismissed the campaign to change the date of Australia Day as a “feel good’’ gesture that would do nothing to address fundamental issues of Aboriginal rights, sovereignty and social and economic results.

The hardline position adopted by activists group Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance movement has put an emerging generation of Aboriginal leaders at odds with the Greens and other left-wing political parties pushing for Australia Day to be shifted from January 26.

“We are here for our sovereignty, we are not here to help ­people find a day to celebrate,’’ WAR founder Miriki Onus told the big crowd at the start of an ­“Invasion Day’’ march through central Melbourne’s streets.

“I don’t want to feel good about change the date. I want justice for all my people, every single one of them. And I will fight every single day for that, on any f..king Australia Day. Any day you celebrate, I’ll protest, I’ll be there.”

As we discussed in our FAQ livestream last night, if the date of Australia Day is changed, the left would, as it always does, immediately push a new set of demands. Wasn’t the Krudd apology supposed to heal the wounds of the nation? Before that, it was Cathy Freeman’s gold medal..

At least this mob are honest about it:

“Fellow organiser Dtarneen Onus-Williams took the rhetoric one step further.

“We have not organised this to change the date. We have organised this to abolish Australia Day because f..k Australia. F..k Australia, I hope it f..king burns to the ground.”

Courtesy of Meme Australia Great Again.

For her honesty, Dtarneen gets Quote of the Day.

And just as fake marriage was a direct attack on a foundational pillar of civilisation and has opened up the brave but fake new world of “gender fluidity”, changing the date of Australia Day, a deliberate attack on our British heritage, our national identity, and the very reason for us being here, would open up a brave new world where the cosmopolitan elites could insert any identity they want.

The end goal both changes are working toward is communism:

“Ms Onus-Williams used a megaphone to heckle people who had come to watch the earlier parade, accusing them of celebrating genocide, dancing on the graves of her ancestors and flying a flag soaked in Aboriginal blood.

WAR, which was formed in 2014, rejects Australian citizenship and the Australian legal system and describes liberal principles such as freedom of speech, ­expression, association and ­religion as “ideals serving only the interests of wealthy whites with power and privilege”.

Astute readers of The XYZ will know that this kind of rhetoric is at least two centuries old, although it didn’t originate in Australia. I hope Dtarneen gets the irony.