The Planned Destruction of Germany by the USA


There’s an article in The Saker this morning that links to a leaked report from the Rand corporation dated January 25th 2022. The confidential report was prepared for the White House Chief of Staff, the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, the Department of State, the CIA, the NSA, and the Democratic National Committee. The report is short and to the point, without the usual fluff that one expects to encounter when reading this sort of stuff.

It is titled, “Executive Summary: Weakening Germany, strengthening the U.S.”

It’s not often that I read something that causes my jaw to hit the floor, but this document came close to giving me an obscene injury. Talk about predicting the future, particularly if the future is yours to control.

The report identified as a result of the continuing US economic deterioration a looming political threat to the Democrats in the November midterm elections, as well as the possibility of the impeachment of their puppet president, an event which they defined as something to be avoided at all costs. The costs that they have in mind will be borne by everyone except them.

What follows is an outline of how Russia could be goaded into attacking the Ukraine; the following sanctions which the EU would have to impose from pressure from the USA; the effects that this would have on EU industry and in particular Germany, a nation that is identified in the report as a country with limited national sovereignty but which is beginning to loosen its chains, chains which undoubtedly have been imposed and held in place by the USA; the flow of resources from Europe to the USA as a result of the sanctions; the subsequent economic crisis and recession in Europe which will result in the Euro becoming a “toxic currency”; and a subsequent exodus of skilled labor and young people from Europe to the USA.

All of these and other factors will have the desired effect of propping up the tottering US economy for another five to six years. In other words, for the USA to continue to act as a giant global parasite, it has unfortunately run out of third world states to invade and must instead turn to destroying Europe in order to save itself.

Special mention is given to the stupidity of German Green Party politicians, (with two of them named as being particularly egregious examples), whose recalcitrance and inability to admit fault in a timely manner will greatly help to propel Germany down the path of economic self-destruction.

As a personal anecdote, last week I was in Munich for a few days. The price in euros for benzine was around 2.50 per liter, while back in Italy it is sitting around 1.65. A couple of years ago when I was living in the Netherlands, the Dutch used to border hop to Germany to fill up their vehicles as the fuel price was so much lower than that in the Low Countries. In other words, that fuel price is not just a large jump; it is a catastrophic jump.

As the Saker Blog noted, expect the leaked document to be quickly declared a forgery and all trace of it banished from the internet. In other words, download your copy now. What it clearly demonstrates is that Europe’s enemy is not Russia. Rather, it is the United States of America. The Americans did not storm the beaches of Normandy to liberate. Rather, they came to occupy and exploit, a strategy which they have been following for the best part of the last eighty years.

Germany’s best hope is for it to take back its full status as a sovereign nation in its own right. This is also the best hope for Europe in general. The time for demonising Germany as a nation has long passed. In effect, those doing the demonising are playing the game of distract and deflect while projecting their own current behavior onto Germany. Which means that it’s time for Germany to make itself great again.

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