Use the Covid Tyranny to Escape from the Real Tyranny


Last weekend saw very large demonstrations held all across Australia in protest at the totalitarian and illegal mandates being imposed by state governments and unelected bureaucrats under the convenient and seemingly never ending umbrella related to the pretend pandemic. The protests were held in all major cities but also in regional centers and in small towns. Without a doubt the largest protest was held in Melbourne where the crowd numbered in the hundreds of thousands. This was a collective reaction to the particularly severe restrictions imposed by the Andrews’ government which seems hell bent on imposing Communism on Australia all by itself.

XYZ News posted a video shot by Matty Rose of the demonstration. I watched the video and very early on I picked up on something which was confirmed by Rose and his guest David Hiscox within a few minutes of the video stream.

The crowd was overwhelmingly, even entirely, with barely a single exception, made up of white people. There was hardly a single scrap of diversity to be seen.

Judging by the photos and videos that I saw, the same montage of white faces was repeated around the country. This was not just a demonstration, this was an Australian demonstration. And by Australians I mean actual Australians, not second and third world blow-ins clutching a piece of scrap paper that somehow changes their genetic identity under the magical auspices of civic nationalism.

The enormous numbers of Chinese and Indians that inhabit the country, numbering in the millions, somehow had no time last Saturday to venture out of their homes and participate in the great show of public dedication to save muh democracies. And why would they? Why are they going to get involved in white people’s problems? They’re not going to stick their necks out and risk being sent back to the shitholes from which they managed to escape. No matter how totalitarian Australia becomes, they’re still better off here than where they came from. They’ll put up with just about anything.

Which is why they were brought here in the first place. We didn’t have a shortage of taxi drivers. Nor did we have a shortage of teenage kids to work in fast food outlets. Nor were we hard up for people to pump fuel into your car. No, what we had was a chronic aversion by our traitorous politicians to put up with our native Anglo population and its inability to collectively swallow their lies for a sustained period of time. Politicians in this country are terrified of their own Anglo population. But at the same time they have managed to brainwash this same population to believe in the fairy dust world of democracy.

Which is a lie. Power to the people is actually power from the people, if you replace the people with those who are much more compliant.

Premier Dan Andrews is not worried. He knows that he will again be reelected no matter the heinous nature of his offenses under both the laws of man and the eyes of God. Because they have spent thirty years mass importing these invaders so as to stack the books in their favor. Yes, the Victorian Labor government is having some internal crises. So what? It’s probably just Andrews getting rid of his light weights who are balking at his future plans for the state.

Australians should not be demonstrating against the governments actions. Nor should they be demonstrating against the government in general. They should be demonstrating against the form of government which has stolen their nation from them and now treats them like second class citizens. They should be demonstrating against the traitors in the government and public service that have worked so methodically and maliciously to steal their children’s birthright. They should be demonstrating against the media which has brainwashed them and their children to believe in an endless succession of false fears so as to keep them in a state of subjugation. They should be demonstrating at those who outwardly and behind the scenes work to pull the levers of this grand charade and who have seduced our people with materialistic baubles and the endless yoke of debt at the expense of our spiritual heritage that is Christianity.

This present pustulence that manifests itself in the form of Covid restrictions is merely an overwhelming symptom of the underlying rot that has almost succeeded in destroying our nation from within. If not this then something else next time. All added to the never ending creep of government interference and overreach in our lives. Designed to take away power from us and keep us under their continual control.

Demonstrate, yes. But know what you are demonstrating about and know with whom you are demonstrating. Who is with us and who is against us. There is no middle ground. The first steps have been taken but now is the time to really awaken the Anglo beast and focus on the real targets with great precision and furious anger. Use the Covid tyranny as the beautiful chance that it is to escape the greater tyranny that has held us for so long in its maw.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.