Phillip Matera links brother Peter Matera’s Heart Attack to Covid Vaccine

Phillip Matera.

A couple of days ago, West Coast legend Peter Matera became the latest current or former sportsman to suffer a heart attack since the introduction of vaccine mandates. Yesterday his brother and fellow footballer Phillip Matera broke the Code of Silence regarding adverse reactions to Covid vaccines:

“There’s been quite a few of these bolts out of the blue, we had Campbell from the cricket and then Warnie and Marshie. We have all had the Covid jab, what does any of that play in all this, I’m starting to question how this all comes about.”

This represents only the second time that footballers have openly broached the fact that adverse reactions are shaking the football and cricket codes in Australia. After Ollie Wynes suffered myocarditis earlier in the season, panellists of the Sunday Footy Show acknowledged the link to the vaccine:

This was hastily followed by a cringe disavowal of their previous statements and an expression of their undying love for Big Brother. Mysteriously, the AFL CEO announced his retirement just days later.

Phil Matera noted that Peter Matera was very healthy. This has been the norm regarding the spate of heart attacks and other heart injuries which have affected multiple sportspeople across multiple codes worldwide – they are fit and young and should be far less likely to suffer a heart attack.

The fact that there have been so many high profile cases in so short a period should raise a lot of red flags with regard to the danger of Covid vaccines, particularly given the spike in heart attacks since the introduction of the Covid vaccines.

One final note. Phil said his brother had a huge property on which he was growing food. This is one of the smartest things any of us can do. Now that the Covid hoax appears to have run its course, or at least ended its first phase, the globalists responsible are preparing a pivot to an engineered global food crisis. The digital ID’s which were normalised during lockdowns are to be used to ration food.

It’s never too late to start growing your own food. Also, we’re probably going to have to destroy all the computers.

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