Ollie Wines claims Vaccine did not give him Myocarditis: Loves Big Brother

“Vaccines are doubleplusgood.”

The Lying Press Industrial Complex is in a complete panic after it was revealed that Ollie Wines myocarditis was caused by the Covid vaccine, with multiple outlets claiming this has been “refuted”:

Ollie Wines has refuted claims that his health scare last weekend was linked to the Covid jab, insisting that his heart irregularity was ‘completely unrelated’ to the vaccine.

How can they make such a definitive call so early? The simple fact is that they cannot. We also know that doctors have been leaned on heavily not to link adverse reactions to the not-vaccines.

The parrots have clearly had a stern talking to:

The standard operating procedure we saw last year with hospitalisations and deaths is being carried over to heart issues with sportsmen – they are blaming adverse reactions to the vaccines on Covid and using it to push more harmful vaccines.

“As for the Covid link [checks notes] there is a significant Covid link to heart issues from the disease, certainly not from the vaccine. The prevalence of myocarditis is very, very small for those who take the vaccine, so go and get the vaccine, helps you out, you won’t get Covid.”

As for Wines, he is clearly under pressure to reinforce the official Narrative:

Wines’ medical scare has been the subject of debate, with pundits on Channel 9’s Footy Show speculating that his heart palpitations were related to the Covid vaccine.

However, Wines insists that the two are ‘completely unrelated’ and explained that his experience is ‘pretty common’ among elite athletes.

No it’s not, okay well it is now. On-field heart attacks and collapses are way up:

‘It’s nothing to do with that. It’s completely unrelated,’ Wines said on Monday, speaking outside Calvary Hospital.

‘It’s more a heart rhythm issue that is pretty common in elderly people and elite athletes. Vaccines are doubleplusgood.

‘Once it was explained to me it was very reassuring and there’s not too many long-term effects. I love Big Brother.

‘The prognosis is really positive. I’ve got a few more tests to come and to see the cardiologist again but at this stage it’s not a big issue, and we have always been at war with Eurasia.’

Incredibly, another AFL footballer has revealed he twice suffered adverse reactions to the vaccine:

Wines’ comments come after North Melbourne star Jed Anderson revealed he developed the heart condition pericarditis after getting his second Covid vaccination in order to continue his AFL career.

Anderson had been reluctant to get his second jab after he experienced an adverse reaction from his initial vaccination. All AFL players are required to be double-vaccinated which led to a standoff between Anderson and the club.

Eventually, he got the second vaccination and was then hospitalised with pericarditis which is a swelling and irritation of the thin, sac-like membrane surrounding the heart.

He didn’t want the second jab because he had an adverse reaction to the first one. Eventually he gave in and got pericarditis. Fool me once, fool me twice, you know the drill. XYZ primarily reports on these matters simply to keep people informed. It is becoming harder and harder to feel sorry for these athletes, and ordinary people who repeatedly inject poison when there is just so much information available that the vaccines are dangerous.

The government pretends that the side effects are rare, like one in a million rare. Yet there are now 3 out of 762 footballers in the AFL (including Hayden Crozier) who have had adverse reactions, and these are just the ones we know about. That is 1/254.

If we extrapolate this across the entire Australian population, and round the figure up, that makes 100,000 adverse reactions. As stated, these are just the ones we know about. I personally know someone who had pericarditis and was told at the time that it was not due to the vaccine, but was later told by another doctor that it probably was, and that hospitals are reluctant to register adverse reactions.

So Australians have likely suffered hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions to Covid vaccines already, probably millions.

How many have died from the vaccines? We simply don’t know because it is not being reported. The first 8 stages of genocide are the preparation, before the killing finally gets underway during the 9th stage. It is generally followed by the 10th stage – denial.

For example, type the word Holodomor into your computer. You will porbably notice the red line underneath it. The greatest genocide in Europe of the 20th Century has been reduced to a spelling mistake.

Currently, the greatest genocide of all time is being denied even as it happens.

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