Greg Hunt normalises 4th dose, Daniel Andrews prepares to mandate 3rd dose


It was flagged earlier this week in NSW, now Australia’s Federal Health Minister has mentioned the fourth dose. This we see how the normalisation process works:

The coronavirus and flu vaccine could be combined as an annual shot with a fourth dose flagged as a “possibility” by the end of the year for some Australians.

Health Minister Greg Hunt made the suggestions on Sky News Australia where he also confirmed teenagers aged 16 to 17-years-old were provisionally approved to receive the Pfizer booster as soon as next week…

He then added there was a possibility for a fourth dose to be administered towards the end of 2022 for residents who are older or immunocompromised.

Israel recently offered a fourth shot to the elderly, those with weaker immune systems and those who work in the health sector.

Health Ministers within the European Union were told this week to prepare to distribute a fourth dose once data suggested it was needed to combat the Omicron wave.

Meanwhile, Daniel Andrews has been spending all week telling everybody he’s going to mandate the third dose for the entire state:

“This is not an option, not an add-on, not a ‘good thing to have.’ I think we’re close to a change in policy that will simply reflect the fact that in order to be fully protected, you need three doses, not two doses plus an optional extra.”

He then provides the illusion of relief by mandating the third dose piecemeal. Intriguingly, in September 2021, Andrews was normalising the idea of the third dose as he was preparing to mandate the second dose:

“These sorts of passports are designed to do exactly that. They won’t be there forever. I can’t say, as I stand here right now, how many, how, how long it’ll be on, how long it’ll be a feature of things.

”But y’know, arguably, it won’t be a vaccine passport you’ll be showing in the first half of next year, it’ll be your booster passport, to show that you’ve been to have your third jab.”

They have been using this strategy the entire way through the plandemic.

They never stop, they keep moving the goalposts. While mandating the latest round of doses, they are always prepping the population to accept that further doses will be necessary. Earlier this week in NSW, the transexual body double of Dr Kerry Chant basically blurted out a reassurance that the fourth dose would be all that’s necessary “to see your course complete”.

He’s lying. In a few months time as they mandate the fourth dose, they will start normalising the fifth dose.

They never stop. They will keep moving the goalposts until somebody stops them.

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