Australia freaks out over Scott Morrison and Grace Tame photo while pedos rule the world


The world is run by pedophiles who are being blackmailed by Israel but everyone is freaking out over a photo.

Apparently, the whole of Australia became body language experts on Australia Day, when the former Australian of the Year Grace Tame was photographed looking very uncomfortable next to Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Conservatives criticised Tame while lefties defended her. Now they’re all arguing about how the other side reacted to the issue and it is all just going around and around in another boring, predictable episode of political theatre.

Given we’re discussing body language, why did this photo of Grace Tame and Britney Higgins with Kevin Rudd not receive as much attention as the photo of Grace Tame with Scott Morrison?

Okay, all you body language experts. Can you tell us what the t-shirt wearing Kevin Rudd is thinking in this photo?

He’s horny.

He has form, too:

But they’re cool with it.


The stereotype of the soyboy who virtue signals about women’s rights but turns out to be a creep is a stereotype for a reason.

Regarding Brittany Higgins, she became famous last year for accusing someone of raping her, and the media campaign which pushed her to prominence was clearly coordinated.

Rape has thus become politicised, turning it into a way for the Labor Party to attack Scott Morrison. Conservatives reflexively defend the Prime Minister while Labor supporters accuse conservatives of not taking rape seriously.

It’s all just a bit icky.

Most dangerously, this politicisation of rape distracts from the fact that, as stated at the beginning of this piece, the world is run by pedophiles who are being blackmailed by Israel. This isn’t about Liberal vs Labor. This is about the cabal vs the people.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were Israeli spies. The reason Maxwell groomed girls for Epstein was because she was his minder. She brought him into the spy fold in order to continue the work of her Israeli spy father, Robert Maxwell, who also ran blackmail operations for Israel.

Everybody knows that they received visits from the world’s most powerful people.

Yet only three people look likely to ever be charged over this, with Prince Andrew apparently the sacrificial lamb for the rest of the cabal.

Similarly, the #MeToo scandal politicised rape and further alienated men and women from one another. Harvey Weinstein was another Israeli snake but he was also a sacrificial lamb. The real scandal of Pedowood is that it is run by and for pedophiles. This is ignored by the Lying Press, who instead berate men for making jokes about how women can’t parallel park. Conservatives respond that woke politics is destroying the West while the powerbrokers just go on printing money out of thin air and sacrificing children to Satan.

Which brings us back to ScoMo.

He rose to political prominence as Immigration Minister by stopping the boats. Then as Prime Minister he was an enthusiastic advocate of mass replacement migration and he still is. Given we’re on the subject of photos which should be getting more attention, how about this whopper:

A grinning cuckservative makes a Blasian family Australians on Australia Day to make Australia less Australian.

This week, footage emerged of Morrison being congratulated by the WEF for helping Australia achieve its “digital transition” and for his commitment to an “energy transition”:

He’s a sell out. He has sold us out on mass immigration. He has allowed Australia to become a surveillance state and digital prison under the pretext of a pandemic, and he has committed to destroying Australia’s economy in the name of “environmental sustainability”.

No amount of selling out to the globohomo agenda will save him from partisan criticism from the left. I have no interest in defending him.

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