Aboriginal DEATH IN CUSTODY at Howard Springs Death Camp


Several days ago a woman died in the so-called “Centre for National Resilience” at Howard Springs in the Northern Territory. Here is how it was reported by the Lying Press:

A woman has died in the Howard Springs quarantine facility.

NT Health Minister Natasha Fyles told media on Wednesday morning that a woman in her 50s had died on Tuesday night.

Ms Fyles said although the death was not COVID related, it would be investigated.

“Because it was an unexpected death within a government facility, appropriate steps have been taken,” she said.

“The coroner has been notified and there’ll also be an internal review.”

It is unclear whether the woman was a repatriated Australian or whether she was from within Australia.

“It’s very tragic that that individual has passed away and I extend my condolences to her family and community,” Ms Fyles said.

It turns out she was very much from within Australia. In the video below, an aboriginal claims the woman was an aboriginal elder who was vaccinated. did not have Covid, and that her family was pleading with authorities to let her leave the Covid camp as she was experiencing severe pain in her arms:

This is a big deal, as much has been made of aboriginal deaths in custody as a means of bringing black Lives Matter identity politics, which have lead to riots, arson and multiple murders in America, here to Australia. Multiple reports have been commissioned to examine the issue of aboriginal deaths in custody despite the fact that they do not die at a higher rate in custody than non-aboriginal prisoners.

Footage of an aboriginal being forcibly placed in the back of a divvy van went viral recently, as did footage of an aboriginal elder vowing vengeance upon the Northern Territory government for their perceived genocide:

Furthermore, the so-called “stolen generation” when aboriginals were taken off their own land in the past to be placed in the care of the Church or the State, has dominated aboriginal identity politics in Australia for several decades. Both issues are regularly raised as a grievance at anti-Australian rallies by University Marxists every Australia Day.

However despite this heavy politicisation, the Lying Press has completely ignored the fact that aboriginals are currently being forcibly taken from their land to be placed in the Howard Springs Death Camp, and the fact that an aboriginal elder has died in said death camp.

The only acknowledgement of this double standard was a bizarre rant by Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner in which he labelled those who raised the issue as anonymous online conspiracy theorists trolling from their mothers’ basements in Florida.

I am not making this up.

Serious incidents such as this have been regularly ignored or covered up in 2021, such as a recent self-immolation by a woman in Werribee, and the collapse and claimed deaths of several young people in Sydney’s Olympic Stadium in August.

With vaccine mandates, check in requirements, the refusal of hospital services and even of the ability to buy food to the unvaccinated, unprecedented police violence, the jailing of political prisoners, and the literal transport of ethnic minorities to camps, Australia in the 2020’s is resembling the Soviet Union of the 1930’s.

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