Australia’s Vaccine Lottery winner is a Chinese woman who will use the money to fly her family over here


Australia has officially transcended Clownworld. We are now in Memeworld.

A 25-year-old Sydney woman has become an instant millionaire after winning Australia’s vaccine lottery prize.

Joanne Zhu was today announced as the major prize winner of the Million Dollar Vax campaign, winning $1 million for receiving her COVID-19 vaccinations.

She told Today that she plans to hold a family reunion with her new-found wealth.

“I want to fly my family out from China first class and put them up in a five star hotel for Chinese New Year if the borders are open,” Ms Zhu said.

“I will buy presents for my family and invest the rest of the money so I can make more money in the future and to help people if they need help.”

There is a 1 in 2 chance that when about half of the people in Australia were either born overseas or are from a foreign background, a lottery designed to encourage Australians to take a dangerous vaccine against a mild flu which originated in China goes to a foreigner. When there are about two million Chinese people in Australia, there is a 2/25 chance the winner will be Chinese.

So, it happened. And it isn’t even that remarkable.

For those who are upset that a Chinese woman has won a lottery which only exists because China may have released a bioweapon on us, you’re missing the point.

The Chinese-style authoritarianism which Australian governments have chosen to introduce in response to Covid is far worse than the coronavirus itself, regardless of who set it off. It is our government mandating the vaccine, forcing people to lose their jobs, segregating the unvaccinated from much of daily life and overwhelming our hospitals with patients who are having adverse reactions to the vaccines.

However bad you think the Chinese government is, the authoritarian decisions of our own government affect us all much worse and right now. You might think the Chinese government poses a greater risk to us in the long run but again this is wrong.

To pout it bluntly, why is “Joanne” Zhu and 2 million of her countrymen here in the first place? Because the Australian government is deliberately replacing us with foreigners through mass immigration, and it can’t wait to get cracking at it again now that the borders are reopening.

Note that “Joanne’s” plan for how she is going to spend her money is entirely natural. She wants to bring her family over. Regardless of whether it is for a holiday or something longer, the point is that we human beings naturally desire to be close to our family, and we naturally desire to be around people like us.

Aussies want to live close to their family and be around other Aussies. Chinese people want to live close to their family and be around Chinese people.

If you bring Chinese people here, they are naturally going to want to bring more Chinese people here. There is nothing wrong with what they want. The problem is that the Australian government opened the gate to them without asking the Australian people if we wanted this in the first place. Anybody who points this out is punished for some reason.

Hence Memeworld.

Congratulations “Joanne”. You just became a meme.

A Chinese woman wins a lottery for taking a vaccine for a virus which originated in China and is interviewed by Aussie journalists who try to pretend that everything is normal as she tells them that she wants to bring more of her Chinese family over here and the media hosts hope nobody clicks that we are all getting screwed over by our government which is instituting the exact same policies which all the Chinese people are supposedly leaving China to escape from while it deliberately demographically replaces us with said Chinese people.

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