3000 Adelaide Nurses Stood Down: ICU Full Of Vaccinated Patients


A nurse with 31 years of experience has spoken eloquently outside the offices of Channel 9 in Adelaide against the vaccine mandate.

She dropped some massive truth bombs:

  • 3000 Adelaide health workers have been stood down due to the vaccine mandate.
  • 30 out of 38 ICU patients at Flinders Hospital are vaccinated.
  • People in their 20’s are dropping dead from the vaccines and the media is not reporting it.

The ABC had claimed that about 100 health workers in the state had been stood down, but this nurse pointed out that the number is closer to 3000, and that is in Adelaide alone. This matches the pattern we have seen in terms of reporting from the Lying Press. It regularly downplays numbers at pro-freedom rallies and it didn’t even report on Saturday’s massive protest outside Victorian state parliament against the vaccine mandate.

It also matches the pattern of huge numbers of healthcare workers around Australia and the world being stood down due to the vaccine mandate. 7000 nurses and doctors in Queensland alone could be stood down while authorities scramble to both fill the shortfalls and deal with the propaganda fallout.

The nurse states that the hospitals are full of the vaccinated. She gives a direct example, stating that 30 out of 38 ICU patients at Flinders Hospital are vaccinated. This matches analysis by XYZ News that the Victorian government has been deliberately trying to portray the impression of a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” when in fact their carefully chosen language implies the opposite. It has now gotten to the point that Daniel Andrews’ men are point blank refusing to say how many Covid patients and Covid deaths are vaccinated or unvaccinated.

Explosively, the nurse states that they are treating large numbers of people with serious adverse reactions to Covid vaccines. She gives an example of a person in their 20’s who dropped dead due to an adverse reaction to a Covid vaccine, a case which didn’t even make it on the news. She singles out the complication of Myocarditis, which until recently was an extremely rare condition, but all of a sudden they are getting large numbers of young people experiencing the condition. This could lead to the need for a large number of heart transplants.

Again, this matches testimonies of countless doctors and nurses who have spoken out anonymously, who are being actively silenced by Australian health regulators. Statistics from Great Britain indicate that the death rate among young male boys has escalated alarmingly since Covid vaccines were rolled out. Australian data also indicates that you are more likely to have an adverse reaction or die from a Covid vaccine than you are to get sick or die from Covid if you have not been vaccinated.

We are on the verge of a major health crisis in Australia and it is entirely manmade. Our hospital system is losing its key people due to the vaccine mandate, just as adverse reaction cases from Covid vaccines spike.

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