Victorian Government REFUSES to provide data on COVID DEATH JAB


Let’s jump straight into some incredible footage, then we will examine the context. The video to watch is the second video. This is a point blank refusal by the Victorian government to be transparent about vaccination data you are looking at here:

Journalist (Words to the effect of…): “Does anyone know many of those who passed away were vaccinated or unvaccinated?”

Victorian Government Official: “Yeah so those data are available but we’re not going to be reporting on that.”

So, context.

Today, the Victorian government announced that 25 people died with Covid in the last reporting period. There are issues to do with how positive Covid cases are measured using the PCR test, and whether deaths “with” Covid are actually deaths “from” Covid, but for the sake of this report we can ignore these for now.

XYZ News has reported that at least two Australian government officials claimed they got their words and numbers jumbled when footage went viral of them admitting that most people hospitalised from Covid or dying with Covid have had at least one jab. A third Australian official was recorded admitting the same thing, although it is unclear whether there was a retraction. At least two other examples of overseas officials making the same “mistake” have been found.

We noted that this has happened too many times for it to be a simple accident.

After we noted this, Victorian government officials started using two vague phrases to give the impression that most Covid hospitalisations, ICU patients and/or deaths were from the unvaccinated, yet when one dissects the logic of said vague phrases, the opposite could be true.

The first phrase, “not fully vaccinated” could actually refer to people who have had only one vaccine dose, or even someone who has had their second vaccine dose less than 14 days ago.

The second phrase, “people who have not had their first or second jab”, gives no information regarding what proportion of people have had one dose and what proportion have had none, nor does it clear up whether it is counting people who had their second dose less than 14 days ago amongst those who have had their second dose.

Thus it is entirely possible that the majority of people hospitalised, in ICU and/or dying with or from Covid have had one or two vaccination doses. Even worse, it is entirely possible that it is the Covid vaccines which are making people sick.

This is backed up by data which shows that you are more likely to get sick or die from a Covid vaccine than you are to get sick or die with Covid if you are unvaccinated. Furthermore, countless doctors and nurses have come forward claiming that they are seeing a massive number of adverse reactions and deaths from Covid vaccines but the information is being suppressed and healthcare workers pressured into silence.

This is the context in which a Victorian government official, whom we have never seen before, openly states that they have the data of people who have been vaccinated and unvaccinated and subsequently died with Covid, yet he is point blank refusing to provide said data.

This looks like the Victorian government has something to hide. I would gloat that XYZ  News is singlehandedly forcing the Victorian government to alter its policy on the hop, but they appear to be literally killing people over this so now is not the time.

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