Daniel Andrews gives Vaccine Mandate EXEMPTIONS, but only for his mates


Daniel Andrews appears desperate to secure his power base, backflipping on his vow not to allow any exemptions to the vaccine mandate coming in on October 15:

Authorised workers in Victoria have been given a reprieve after the Andrews government backflipped on plans to enforce a COVID vaccination mandate.

Which “authorised workers” exactly?

All Commonwealth employees as well as people who work in connection with court proceedings will be exempt with a government spokesperson saying the relaxation is an attempt to avoid “jurisdictional limitations”.

“Jurisdictional limitations” is a fancy way of saying “If I force everyone to to take the dangerous vaccine, I will run out of the thugs and cronies required to run the dictatorship I need to force everyone to take a dangerous vaccine.” He needs police to brutalise protestors. He needs lawyers to prosecute them for daring to stand up for their freedom and judges to convict them.

More to the point, he needs said lawyers and judges to deal with the flood of challenges to vaccine mandates which threaten to overwhelm Victoria’s legal system. These people are his power base, as they both help run his bureaucracy and provide the cultural support for Covid Tyranny and his broader globohomo agenda.

The change will apply to judges, lawyers, security guards and police officers.

Furthermore, it turns out that forcing Victoria Police officers to take the jab could very well split the force and he is not prepared to do it. This announcement was made a day after a Victorian police officer dramatically quit her post, claiming that the majority of her colleagues are against the mandates they are required to enforce and that Daniel Andrews is deeply unpopular.

From here, Dictator Dan faces the corollary of these exemptions. If you let one class of workers off the hook, you have to let others off as well. Former key ally, CFMEU boss John Setka has gone turncoat, threatening legal action on behalf of construction workers against the vaccine mandate. If that domino falls, the vaccine mandates which had been systematically introduced, one industry at a time over the course of this year, could well unwind.

Overshadowing all of this is news that Daniel Andrews is under investigation from Victoria’s corruption commission IBAC. I guess crime doesn’t pay after all.

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