POINT OF NO RETURN: No Jab No Job For All Victoria


Daniel Andrews has set the date of October 15 as the point of no return for Victoria’s descent into Covid Tyranny. From that day, all “authorised workers” – a term which already signalled tyranny was well on its way – must have had at least one dose of a Covid “vaccine”. There will be no exceptions.

So it has actually come to this.

Andrews was at his usual stroppy best in the press conference announcing the decree, parroting previous gaslighting talking points about wanting to “open up” but not being “held back” by those refusing to take dangerous vaccines.

When asked if he no longer has faith in the 80% target, Andrews aggressively butted in and repeated the normal waffle about “locking out” people who defy his orders. This indicates that the Victorian Regime intends to prevent a significant proportion of the workforce from doing their jobs.

There is a reason XYZ News refers to our predicament as a slow siege. Our own governments are now determined to literally starve us out.

It will be interesting to see if other frontline workers such as police officers join nurses in public protests against the vaccine mandate. We had speculated that the Andrews Regime would not be prepared to split its security forces by threatening to sack police officers if they did not get the vaccine, but it appears they are now prepared to take that risk.

Victoria has seen daily protests against the lockdown and mandatory vaccines while police brutality against ordinary Victorians has reached Stalinst levels. This is due to Daniel Andrews signing the entire state up to the Strong Cities Network, an initiative of several NGO’s and UN institutions with shady connections.

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