NSW to Ban Unvaccinated from entering stores: Retailers Fear Boycott


As NSW approaches Freedom Day, retailers have issued an urgent warning that people who refuse to get vaccinated will boycott businesses that won’t let them into their stores.

To incentivise vaccination, the NSW government will ban vaccine deniers from working, and from entering shops. Businesses are not allowed to employ anybody who has not had a booster to their double jab, nor allow the unvaccinated onto their premises, and they must display signs confirming this in prominent positions at the front of their stores.

However, small business owners fear a backlash from a tiny but vocal minority of people who won’t accept the science. Australian Federal Police have intercepted chatter on encrypted internet chats suggesting extremists will boycott any business that refuses them access.

The NSW government has responded swiftly and decisively to this development, overnight passing legislation imposing $666 fines on anyone who boycotts a business which denies entry to the unvaccinated. A statement on the matter made the following point:

“If people think they can boycott businesses which deny them access because they refuse to get vaccinated, then they have another thing coming. This is economic coercion which goes against the Fair Trading Act and the UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

“Shop owners have a right to be protected from the danger that the unvaccinated pose to the entire community. These science-denying lunatics do not have the right to threaten the livelihoods of hardworking Australians just because they won’t let them onto their property.”

The XYZ understands that Victoria Police have already broken the collarbone of an old lady in Elwood who was suspected of being denied access to a fish and chip shop. Premier Daniel Andrews has stated he is determined to prevent boycotts from spreading to Victoria.

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