Coronavirus Origin: It’s not about China, it’s about Globalism


Originally published February 11, 2021.

Never launch an inquiry without first knowing the conclusion you intend to be reached by the enquiry.

Yeah, we’re good bro.

Naturally, an inquiry by the Chinese dominated World Health Organisation into the origins of the coronavirus in China concluded that it did not originate in a lab there or even a bat. The hunt is now underway, apparently, for ‘animal zero’, the real culprit, and it could be anywhere in the world.

It’s just more theatre. But what if it actually turned out that the coronavirus did originate in China? What if the Chinese government was criminally negligent in covering up the origin of the coronavirus? What if the Chinese government deliberately invented and unleashed it on the West?

None of this matters any more. “Western” “Liberals” point to the Chinese government’s totalitarian treatment of its people and its mistreatment of minorities as evidence that it is bad.

The governments of the West are infinitely worse.

China officially maintains a clearly defined “social credit score” of its citizens whereby criticism of the government or committing a crime will reduce one’s ability to travel, work and buy food. Obeying the law, praising the government and doing constructive things like visiting one’s family increases one’s social credit score.

In the West, an unofficial “social credit score” exists by means of a vaguely defined and ever expanding list of things you must not think, say or do. If you transgress these constantly changing boundaries your ability to work, travel and buy food are severely reduced, every person you know is weaponised against you, Marxist terrorists and lawyers will intimidate you, and the government will label you a terrorist.

In response to the coronavirus the Chinese government has crippled its economy and severely limited the freedoms of its people. In response to the coronavirus Western governments have crippled their economies and severely limited the freedoms of their people.

The Chinese government does indeed brutalise minorities, particularly in border regions, in order to defend the territorial integrity of China and maintain the preeminence of the dominant ethnic group(s) in China. The Chinese government has a long term view of history which places the Chinese people and the Chinese state at the very centre, and it intends to keep it this way.

Western governments elevate minorities, brutalise their own people whether we are dissidents or not, they undermine our territorial integrity by encouraging any foreigner with a pulse to just turn up and come in, and they are doing everything they can to replace the native populations of European lands with foreigners. Western governments have rejected thousands of years of history and civilisational wisdom, they have rejected “Eurocentrism” as “racist” and they are trying to turn our lands into economic zones with no sense of identity, unity or purpose.

It doesn’t matter if the Chinese government is responsible for the coronavirus or not, and it doesn’t even matter that it is a hoax. Our governments have exploited it for their own ends, the globalists have used it as a tool with which to dispose of Donald Trump, and they are now turning their attention to other regimes throughout the world which are not fully on board.

This does not mean that the Chinese government is not a threat. Conflict could still kick off at the behest of the Chinese government or our own. The Chinese government has certainly learned that wielding the language of “multilateralism” and “diversity” can be useful in further undermining the West.

The point is this:

The biggest threat to our people is the Regimes currently ruling over us. Our enemy is the globalist system, bankers and the Western governments they control.

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David has studied history and political science at Melbourne University. His thesis was written on how the utilisation of Missile Defence can help to achieve nuclear disarmament. His interest in history was piqued by playing a flight simulator computer game about the Battle of Britain, and he hopes to one day siphon the earnings from his political writings into funding the greatest prog-rock concept album the world has ever seen.