Racist Aussie Cops BRUTALISE Peaceful Muslim Family


The most important thing we can say about the incident in the video below is that it must not be allowed to diminish Australia’s diversity.

Diversity is our greatest strength. Diversity will make Australia great again. Without diversity we would not have a functioning economy and all White Aussies would be on the dole because none of us appreciate the freedom we have here in Australia because we have White privilege and we never grew up poor or faced any hardship and we would never even think of starting up our own business which employs other people that’s why we need immigration and also we need them to buy the houses we built because we like free trade and all our heavy industry went to China so now the only thing that keeps the economy going is building houses for all the immigrants and anyway the more immigrants we have the less racist we are because some White guy whipped a black guy 200 years ago.

Well what a fat lot of good that did you, Australian police.


In one fell swoop they have just destroyed 20 years of bait and switch in Australia. 20 years ago after Israel did 9/11, we sent our best troops to Afghanistan to fight against islamic terrorists while our government simultaneously opened the floodgates to islamic immigration. This guaranteed that said muslim immigrants would be radicalised upon entry and the Australian people would be radicalised against them by default.

With every predictable and perfectly reasonable pushback by the Australian people against our replacement by these goatfuckers, the Australian Regime steadily judo-flipped the responsibility for the increased dysfunction in Australian society, and even terrorist attacks committed by muslims, onto the native Australians they were determined to replace.

Everything was done to placate muslims who have been imported into Australia, to the point where Australians who publicly campaign agains our replacement are thrown in prison for no reason and Australian radio hosts are afraid of offending nobody except for muslims.

The XYZ has gone so far as to point out that there is no longer any need for muslims in Australia to commit terrorist attacks because the Regime is giving them everything they want anyway.

In one fell swoop all of this analysis has gone out the window. All Regime efforts to deradicalise the muslim population in Australia just enough so that they don’t antagonise the native Australian population to the point that they spark a rebellion against the population replacement agenda has just been pushed aside like a broken in front gate.

Barging into a house full of muslims, on camera, arresting all and sundry and scaring the screaming women over what appears to be a very breach of stupid lockdown restrictions is going to make muslims in Australia very angry.

Muslims are not like Australians.

They have no holocaust guilt, therefore they are immune to globohomo programming. They have strong family, religious and ethnic bonds. When Aussies see police brutalising their fellow Aussies like this, they write angry posts on social media then hope they don’t lose their jobs. When muslims see police brutalising their fellow muslims like this, they view it as an attack on all muslims.

We know how muslims respond when they perceive they are under attack.