Daniel Andrews extends lockdown indefinitely


As always, we all knew the Victorian lockdown would not last five days. What makes this one intriguing is that the Victorian government has not set a definite date for ending it.

In other words, the lockdown has been extended indefinitely. It will end whenever our masters deign to let us out of our cage. Victorians protested in large numbers against the lockdown on Thursday night:

Dick Ears had the audacity to claim:

“We all should be protesting against the virus by following the rules.”

Orwell would be having aneurisms in the grave.

This is not based on science – the PCR tests are rubbish. From all we have seen so far, the coronavirus is a slightly nasty flu, unless there is something they are not telling us.

So all we see is a government intent on extending its power, in conjunction with national and supranational governments the world over in order to bring about their so-called “Great Reset”, with the possible added bonus of depopulation.

The vaccines appear central to this plan. After initially backing down on the intention to make the coronavirus vaccine mandatory, world leaders are letting private and public sectors mandate the vaccine one by one.

They let individuals within the system normalise the idea of mandatory vaccines and punishments for the unvaccinated. Consider the words of wog Member of the Legislative Council in South Australia, Frank Pangallo:

‘While people might still have a choice whether or not to get vaccinated, what they can do in the community will need to be controlled and restricted,’ Mr Pangallo said.

‘They (sic) would need to be a requirement incorporated with QR code information that if you want to travel on public transport, airlines, enter venues, shopping malls, restaurants and cafes, you will need to show you have been vaccinated.

‘It might also have to apply for workplaces.’ 

Anecdotally, conversations with friends, family and acquaintances indicate that ordinary people are acquiescing to this logic. I have already thrown several attempted guilt trips back in the faces of accusers.

Meanwhile, we’re torturing babies.

So this is the state of play. As long as we follow the rules we will never be free. But there is always hope.