When will Catholics begin to take their faith seriously?


On my article yesterday regarding the official banning of the Traditional Latin Mass, Bruce Charlton left the following question:

But surely it would be very difficult indeed to dislodge so many of the senior priesthood from the worldly bureaucracy – I presume they are by now a significant majority at the highest levels, throughout. I can hardly imagine such a traditionalist (real Christian) coup would happen at all, or succeed if it did happen.

There are various methods by which current officials may be dislodged. The obtuse way is to have them dragged off en masse and flung from the battlements. Unfortunately, we no longer exist in such enlightened times so us Catholics must find another avenue to achieve our aim of overturning Vatican II.

One of the best ways is to simply outbreed them.

TLM priestly vocations outpacing Novus Ordo vocations by 7 to 1

That article refer to the situation in the United States back in 2018. With such an influx of dedicated young priests to the TLM, the old guard has a real problem. Let us not forget that the old guard is indeed old and old people tend to die off, particularly in times of plague, real or imagined.

Thus the banning of the TLM by the pretend pontiff.

Edward Fraser, who is a Catholic, quotes from Thomas Aquinas as he attempts to justify sitting back and doing nothing while the battles rage inside the Church.

Notice that Cardinal Ratzinger acknowledged that Davies suffered from the Church – and that nonetheless, he remained loyal to her, and thus loyal to the successor of St. Peter.  This is an example we ought to strive to emulate.  We must suffer for the Church even when – indeed, especially when – we suffer from her.

As noble as Fraser’s suffering is, it is irrelevant in the current context. The respect that Thomas Aquinas affords an official due to his station is relevant only when the official in question is legitimate. No officials of the Catholic Church have been legitimately elected post-Vatican II, (this includes Ratzinger in the above quote). This is not my opinion but comes from the laws and codices of the Church itself.

Canon 188 from the Pio-Benedectine Rules of Canon Law 1917 states the following:

Any office becomes vacant upon the fact and without any declaration by tacit resignation recognized by the itself if a cleric:

4. Publicly defects from the Catholic faith.

Promoting heresy is a sure method to publicly defect from the faith. The Vatican II documents are deeply heretical. This law is applicable to any cleric, up to and including the office of the pope. To suffer under public heresy is not noble. I would call it enabling. That’s a nice of way of saying, in bed with.

It is our duty as Catholic laity to call out obvious heresies when we identify them. To fail in this duty is to contribute to the further corruption of souls. Either you take these matters and your faith seriously, or you do not.

I will repeat what I wrote yesterday – now is the time for acting.

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