If you oppose US-made covid vaccines the globalists will assassinate you


Adam Piggott noted today that now may not be a good time for the Cubans to gain their freedom from Communist dictatorship:

“The Cubans have also finally decided that they have had enough and are now revolutionizing the revolution. They sure picked a hell of a time to do it though. If they do manage to throw off the Communist yoke then uncle USA will open its arms and before you know it their sons will be turning Havana into a tropical version of San Francisco while their daughters die their hair blue and begin the process of freezing their eggs so they can have it all.”

America has ceased to be America, and it is ruled by anal sex enforcing faggots. Vincent James of Red Elephants makes a similar case, pointing out that anybody who questions The Narrative on the coronavirus on social media is strictly censored, and that Capitol Hill protestors, whose average age is 50, are being beaten and tortured.

Some freedom.

James cites a report of US government involvement in the totally not organic social uprising currently underway in Cuba:

From Daily Veracity:

On July 8th, 2021, right before mass protests sparked in the country, Cuba said on Thursday its two-shot Soberana 2 vaccine, delivered with a booster called Soberana Plus, had proven 91.2% effective in late stage clinical trials against the coronavirus. Similar news about its Abdala vaccine followed. Last month, Abdala was found to have a 92.28% efficacy.

Both vaccines use a traditional approach deploying a part of the virus’s spike protein which helps the virus enter and infect cells, to build up the immune system.

After the announcement, anti-government protests swept the nation, starting on July 11th 2021. Thousands of residents took to the streets in a wave of demonstrations in Havana and 14 other cities throughout the island, demanding an end to the 62-year dictatorship and protesting the lack of Covid-19 vaccines.

The protests are unprecedented in the country because of their tight police control and surveillance of dissidents. In a televised address on Sunday, President Miguel Díaz-Canel blamed the protests on the U.S., which he said seeks to economically strangle Cuba and bring about a social explosion.

The CIA has a long history of causing uprisings and revolutions in countries across the world. For example, the ‘Cuban Project,’ also known as ‘Operation Mongoose,’ was an extensive campaign of terrorist attacks against civilians, and covert operations, carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency in Cuba. It was officially authorized on November 30, 1961 by President Kennedy.

The American government has form. It is also curious that so many people with ties to the American government have bene linked to the recent assassination of Haiti’s President:

According to a report from the Daily Mail, one of the Americans arrested for the murder of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse was a DEA informant who handed over a warlord responsible for heading up the last coup in the country.

The DEA has admitted some of their ‘confidential sources’ were involved in the assassination but denied the US government orchestrated the plot.

Joseph Vincent, 55, has been named by sources to the Miami Herald as one of the informants.

Vincent was one of three US citizens arrested for being behind the early morning raid on the president’s home. The two others named are James Solages, and Christian Emmanuel Sanon. Approximately 20 Colombians are also under arrest for the assassination.

According to a report, several of the arrested suspects are FBI informants, and many of the Columbians were once trained by the US Military according to the Washington Post.

An associate of Sanon suggested that Washington DC backed the president’s assassination, claiming their friend said the mission was supposed to ‘save Haiti from hell, with full support from the US government’.  

Intriguingly, the Presidents of Burundi and Tanzania have mysteriously died in recent months:

The President of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, also recently died, from cardiac arrest in June.

Burundi’s administration declined the vaccines in February, claiming that “since more than 95% of patients are recovering, we estimate that the vaccines are not yet necessary” in the African nation.

In March, the President of Tanzania, John Magufuli died of a “heart ailment.”

Magufuli also denied the vaccine distribution in his country, and instead urged for Tanzanian citizens to “pray coronavirus away.”

The common denominator for all three deaths has been the refusal of US-supplied Covid jabs for their citizens. All three countries conveniently and abruptly changed this policy after the removal of the dead Presidents.

We can take some comfort in the knowledge that the US government and the jews who control it aren’t simply trying to poison Americans, but the rest of the world as well.