The RACIST assumption behind India Ban critics


The completely fake coronavirus plandemic has its upsides, one being that tyrannical governments have at times done the right thing for the wrong reasons. Pausing mass migration into Australia has been one such side effect, and jailing people for travelling to Australia from India is a dream come true.

They’re so smelly.

Naturally, all the people who think it is perfectly reasonable to keep an entire state under house arrest to keep us safe from a virus which has a survival rate of 99.95% think it’s completely racist to prevent people coming from another country to keep us safe from a virus which has a survival rate of 99.95%.

However there is an even funnier contradiction. Little Timmy Shitpossum has been whining incessantly that Australia still accepted arrivals from Great Britain and America at the height of the pandemic, but now we appear to have a double standard regarding India.

“We didn’t see differential treatment being extended to countries such as the United States, the UK, and any European country even though the rates of infection were very high and the danger of arrivals from those countries was very high.”

“There are different standards at play here depending on which part of the world you’re coming from.”

Along with a growing chorus of bandwagoners he accuses the government of dogwhistle racism, all the while engaging in dogwhistle race baiting, but even that isn’t the main hypocrisy. Here’s the thing:

Isn’t Great Britain a nation of immigrants? It’s practically full of Indians and Pakistanis, to the point that Britons consider curry a national dish, and British expats living overseas seek out curry.

America’s demographics are changing rapidly, Tucker Carlson has explained how they swung the result of the (totally not rigged) 2020 US Presidential Election in Biden’s favour.

Organisations dedicated to advocating for so-called minorities openly celebrate White Replacement in America:

Why don’t Soupbum and his psychophants take this factor into account? The government is currently holding a Kangaroo Court in the halls of parliament to make it illegal for us to state that White people are being replaced in our own countries and that Australia, America, Great Britain and the rest of the West should be White. Yet critics of the India ban are operating under the assumption that Australia, America and Great Britain are explicitly White countries.

Give the demographics of the Anglosphere, all the government has done is allowed the movement of non-White people from some countries but not from others.

This doublethink is exposed by a simple google search.

When White Replacement is discussed in positive terms, it is real. When it is pointed out that this is genocide, suddenly it becomes a dangerous conspiracy theory. A similar doublethink is at play here. Australia, Great Britain and America are nations of immigrants when foreigners who want more foreigners to come here advocate for mass immigration. Yet they refer to us as White countries the moment the floodgates are tightened.

Remember that these liars hate you, they want you dead, your children raped and they think it is funny.