Anyone who believes in stopping White replacement is a “violent extremist”



There was an enormous amount of talk during the first day of public testimony of the extremism inquiry yesterday. The most important points were deliberately hidden behind euphemisms, or buried in the midst of irrelevant waffle.

We can summarise what was said (and what was directly implied) by the head of ASIO, the head of the AFP and the Department of Home Affairs as follows:

1. Anyone who believes in stopping White replacement is a “violent extremist”, even if they have never committed violence and explicitly rejected it as a strategy.

2. “Violent extremists” have no legitimate political viewpoints or grievances. Their message must therefore be suppressed, and the public prevented from understanding their ideas.

3. People who agree with National Socialist or other pro-White ideas have been “radicalised” and require state-enforced “deradicalisation” until they stop questioning liberalism and multiculturalism.

4. “Violent extremists” have no political rights, and must be “disrupted” through constant police harassment even if there is no suspicion that they have committed a crime.

5. The possession of political material that “violent extremists” are likely to have in their homes should be banned. This is because the police are finding it difficult to “disrupt” “extremists” who are not interested in violence and who have not done anything illegal. The material mentioned included the books Siege and The Turner Diaries, as well as National Socialist flags.

6. “Extremists” who have not done anything illegal should be added to a public list of organisations which the government wishes to suppress. No penalties for being on the official Australian Government shit list were named, but presumably there will be. At the very least it seems to be a state-sanctioned incitement to violence against those organisations and their members.

We will release a video soon which will go into more depth about the individual proposals.

Needless to say we ourselves could not have made a more compelling case as to why democracy and human rights are cynical lies.

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